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It’s strange but true, that novelty Chia Pet gift is now considered a nutritional super food. Chia seeds and their incredible ability to hold water make them a hydrating powerhouse with many other health benefits too. If you are looking to boost the benefits of your water, give Chia seeds a try. It might at first seem like a new and unusual food to you. But before you know it, chia could be a regular part of your diet.

training half marathonRunning at high altitude is something that sounds simple but if done improperly can cause problems. If unprepared, the difference between running in low altitude vs. high altitude can be difficult. Especially in a mountain area like Colorado where the altitude is high, being mindful of your body is important. When running, water, like breathing, is a very essential component of making certain that you are running safe. So having clean water in the Colorado area that can help keep you hydrated without slowing you down is very important.

water-weight-lossIf you’ve ever watched late night television, you’ve probably seen a cheesy weight loss infomercial encouraging you to call, click, or buy now. Pills, work out gadgets, and meal replacements are all constantly selling on the weight loss market.

However, you may be surprised at the results you can achieve by simply incorporating purified water into your weight loss plan. Water has been linked with many weight loss benefits. So before you start using complicated and unproven weight loss “cheats,” try learning about the benefits of one of the most natural resources available: purified water.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

5 Reasons Your Skin Needs Water

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water-health-coloradoCosmetics and blemish curing potions have been around for a very long time; in fact, cosmetics have been used since ancient times to treat the appearance of skin. However, you may be surprised at where you’ll find the real “cure” for unhealthy skin. Many people don’t realize that the secret to happy skin lies right here in your local Denver water delivery service. What if we told you that purified water may have been the solution to healthy skin all along?

Drinking-Water-ColoradoIf you are like most people, you may not realize the significant benefits of drinking water when it comes to feeling and looking healthier. Sure, you know that being dehydrated is bad for you, and you know that you can’t survive without water for more than a few days. You’ve even been a loyal customer of local Denver water delivery companies. However, you may have never realized how dramatically even moderate dehydration may affect your day to day functioning and change the way you perceive and react with the environment as an individual. The water coolers in your office may be providing you with more benefits than you thought.

water weightloss 2How many of us have been on diet after diet, with each providing its own set of "dos and don'ts." Whether it's gluten-free, low-carb, low-fat or calorie counting, the diet community seems to agree on one thing, and that's water consumption? Have you ever heard of a diet that limits water consumption or discourages it? Never! Every diet book on the market says the same thing – drink lots of water throughout the day. I can't help but ask: is this a proven statistic for weight loss, or is it just something that sounds good?

We've all heard the claims from the medical community about the benefits of drinking water, but most of them are aimed at maintaining a healthy complexion or improving bodily functions. While many nutritionists encourage more water consumption, it is not a hard and fast rule for weight loss – or is it?

water brainIf you search the Internet for information about drinking water, you may be surprised how much has been written about it. There are plenty of so-called "experts" out there dispensing advice about that magic number of water glasses we must each consume every day. But how many people actually keep track of it?

drinking water benefitsDoctors always emphasize the importance of drinking enough water, but few patients understand why. Is it to flush out toxins from the system? Assist in weight loss? Help relieve common health problems? There are plenty of articles out there extolling the benefits of drinking water, many of which make claims without sufficient evidence; and then there are the real reasons to drink water.

As we reign in a new year, a lot of us have made resolutions and promises to ourselves to make healthier changes in our diets and lifestyles. To make positive changes in the world around ourselves. The world is sparkling with this resolve and positive energy, it is easy to grab this momentum to improve our health in the year to come.

This doesn’t always have to mean utterly extreme or expensive changes. A simple change that will have lasting and far reaching impact on your life and family is adding an affordable water service local to you in or around Colorado.

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