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Colorado Bottled Drinking Water Blog

Office water coolers in Colorado businesses can be a great equalizer. The water cooler section of the break room often becomes a mini-sanctuary where employees feel safe and relaxed enough to open up to their coworkers. Of course, this can be a blessing or a curse depending on who you're chatting up. Socializing at office water coolers can either help you bond with your colleagues or make you hate them and vice versa.

The key to the successful Colorado office water cooler conversation is to stick to topics that won't upset any of your co-workers and affect any working relationships.

With that goal in mind, here are five of the most annoying water cooler topics to avoid, and two safe topics we recommend for healthy break room banter.

Our Colorado winter may be off to a mild start this year, but the benefits of drinking purified bottled water will continue through to our chilly months ahead.

Colds and the flu are hitting individuals, families and offices alike. Maximize the benefits of bottled water delivery to help you stay healthy this winter.

Health conscious Coloradans know drinking water is vital to their well-being. Good hydration increases your focus, skin clarity, and aids in maintaining a healthy weight, to name just a few of the benefits of drinking water.

During the cold months when sickness escalates, increasing your fluid intake is necessary.

Keep reading to learn 3 recipes for using the purified bottled water you love to bolster your immune system and fight the germs rampant around you.

Home and office bottled water delivery will bring a safe, refreshing drinking water supply directly to you.

Colorado Springs has a rich history of people being drawn to our area for its healing properties. The health benefits of the water sources found in the Pikes Peak region continue to thrive today.

Cosmetics and blemish curing potions have been around for a very long time; in fact, cosmetics have been used since ancient times to treat the appearance of skin. However, you may be surprised at where you’ll find the real “cure” for unhealthy skin. Many people don’t realize that the secret to happy skin lies right here in your local Denver water delivery service. What if we told you that purified water may have been the solution to healthy skin all along?

Every year around this time we hear about someone who collapsed from heat exhaustion in a crowded stadium, or someone who passed out while running on a hot summer day, but this shouldn't be a reason to exercise inside all summer long. Sure, there will always be those scorching summer days when no one wants to venture out of air-conditioned comfort. However, it makes sense to learn some of the best ways to prevent heat-related health issues before they happen.

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