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Colorado Bottled Drinking Water Blog

Some people thrive in the winter while others eagerly wait for it to be done and over with. One of the unfortunate side effects of winter is depression, weight gain and unhealthy eating habits. It's not uncommon to put on a few pounds during the winter. Here are the 3 most important steps you can take to safeguard your health during the long Colorado Springs winters.

Most people have it memorized and can recite that magic number: eight glasses of water a day.  This is what we’ve been told by countless media influences, as well as parents, nutritionists and personal trainers.  But is eight glasses the right amount for everyone? What about people who regularly workout?

It's hard to go for one day without someone telling you to drink more water, especially during the summer months; but drinking water is important throughout the year. Even when the weather keeps you indoors and sedentary, there are still plenty of good reasons to stay hydrated. The importance of water has drawn many people to invest in water purification systems, bottled spring water and eco-friendly water dispensers.

Having cold, clear, fresh and healthy drinking water is essential in the home as well as the office. Providing quality filtered water coolers, point of use water dispenser or filtered drinking water systems to your family or employees is a service that above all else makes economic sense. When you move on from the hassles of single serving bottled water you will discover a cost savings of 50% - 70% overnight! Making the switch from a bottled water stand to a point of use, or bottleless water cooler, filtration system can offer even more savings to both your time and bottom line.

Did you know that as much as 45% of all individually bottled water sold in grocery stores and gas stations comes from a city water system? Is the bottled water your drinking no different from plain old tap water? How much do you really know about your bottled water?

Many consumers choose bottled water because they worry over the quality of their tap water, but unfortuantely, never check to see if the bottled water they are drinking is really any better. In many cases bottled water is of even lower quality than municipal tap water. We look at that expensive price tag on each bottle thinking that a higher price assures higher quality, but in reality over 90% of that cost is in the label, lid and creating the bottle itself. 

Knowing the company you're buying from is the first step to having the reassurance to know that your water is not only cleaner and healthier but also the best you can get whether it is from single-use bottles or a delivery option.

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