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Colorado Bottled Drinking Water Blog

Some people can't get going in the morning without a nice, hot cup of coffee. For some this comes from the home, for others at a stop on the way to work, but for some lucky employees, this lovely cup of joy comes directly from their office.

Providing employees with quality coffee and plenty of hydrating water can have some pretty awesome effects on the overall productivity of the office space but don't just take our word for it, there's plenty of studies to back that claim.

Nationwide news has set their eyes on Flint, Michigan in the last few months as what has become known as the Flint Water Crisis continues to plague the people in that city.

Appalling photos of yellow-brown water coming out of residential faucets really bring home the imagery of what severely contaminated tap water looks like; but what about all the invisible contaminants that show up in tap water all around the country everyday?

It's easy to point to the murky, lead-filled water of Flint and call it poor quality water but when was the last time you tested your home tap for dangerous and unhealthy contaminants?

Do you have a coworker who always has to take a sick day, or a friend who constantly seems to be bailing out of plans because they caught a cold or the flu? Maybe you have a boss or family member who is the opposite - he or she is rarely sick. Some people just have better immune systems, but there are also secrets to better health that can help you to avoid common illnesses. If you are one of those people who tends to catch a cold often and you’re sick of having to call off work or miss important events, taking a look at your daily habits could help you to end this. Staying healthy, keeping your body in top form and avoiding illnesses can be done by eating right, getting the right amount of exercise and sleep, and learning how to fend off stress. Even something small like using a Colorado Springs water delivery service to ensure your water is free of chemicals or viruses can help you. Here are some tips to help you keep yourself and your family healthy during cold and flu season.

Work in general can be exhausting. Whether you work in an air-conditioned building where you sit at a cubicle, or your job includes hard labor out in harsh weather conditions, the surrounding environment and how you take care of yourself while at the office can have an impact on your work ethic and health. Especially as the spring months get warmer and the summer starts to bloom, the addition of the outdoor heat and indoor dry air conditioning can zap your hydration levels quickly. Often times a loss of concentration at work or a lack of energy can be directly related to thirst or the need for water in your body. Colorado Springs bottleless water coolers can help keep that affect at bay, but it’s important to understand why you must encourage your employees to drink water while at the office.

“Going green” is no longer just a trend in today’s society. Rather than being a catch phrase or a way to get people to think of recycling or creating less waste, companies and the general population tend to be doing their best to be eco-friendly and save the environment as much as possible as a regular way of life. Making smarter choices about how we live and taking both large and small steps to improve the world are becoming more and more important to people. This doesn’t just apply to home life - businesses and their offices have a big impact on the environment and many workplaces are working to be more sustainable. Going green in the office isn’t too difficult - there are plenty of ways to become more eco-friendly at work without interrupting your everyday work life.

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