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Colorado Bottled Drinking Water Blog

Keeping your office environment as pleasant and productive as possible is every business owner or managers goal. When your employees enjoy coming into work productivity rises, customer service improves and profits go up.

An incredibly easy way to meet these goals is to offer quality refreshments to your work group. Coffee services, keeping clean, pure filtered water on hand to keep your people fresh as well as hydrated, and offering beverage enhancing ice for all their refreshments.

The beauty of the Symphony ice and water dispenser is both in it’s physical appeal and that it offers you and your work family quality drinking water with the option of Chewblet nugget ice at a touch of a button!

drinking water benefitsThere is no denying the fact that Colorado has a unique abundance of outdoor activities. Now that it’s the start of the New Year, many people have made it their resolution to get out there and bike more often. The magnitude of options is nothing short of stunning! When so much natural beauty surrounds you, it only makes sense to enjoy it while getting a little exercise on a bike.

It seems like every medical professional, nutritionist and sports medicine expert has weighed in on the topic of drinking water, but not many of them seem to agree.

Even with the standard recommendation of "8 glasses a day" few people take the time to measure their water consumption; and even if they did, how do we know eight glasses is enough?

According to a study by the MayoClinic, the amount of water we need can vary greatly from one individual to the next.

It's funny how as soon as one gets a fancy coffeemaker, they instantly become a connoisseur of the finest brews, when before that they were happy with Folgers Columbian.

As someone who went through this transition a few years ago, I can tell you my obsession with collecting K-cups hasn't really subsided. But now I'm trying to determine the role of water in single-cup coffe brewing machines

Blind Taste Test Your Coffee

Not sure if you can tell the difference between filtered water, bottled water or tap water in your home-brewed coffee?

We know our coffee and we know the secret to a great pot but nothing proves our point better than experiencing it for yourself!

Since we know that coffee's main ingredient is water, it's clear that the water you use to brew it will make a huge difference in how it tastes. This is true whether you use an automatic drip coffeemaker, single-cup brewing system such as the Keurig coffee maker or a French press. 

The best way to see which works best for you and your coffee system is to do your own blind taste test of the coffee.  So get some friends or family together for a coffee tasting party!

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