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Colorado Bottled Drinking Water Blog

Supplying your home or office with refreshing filtered bottled water is a choice that people are making every day. The quality of water dispensed from the in home or break room water coolers is vastly superior to what flows from your tap, offering great flavor and quality you can both see and taste. While office water coolers seem to fit within the break room decor and environment, some people shy away from the idea having one in their kitchen. There is the mistaken thought that all water coolers, crocks and stands have that uniform office look, but the water coolers of today are much sleeker and more stylish than in years past.

Depending on where you grew up, drinking water fluoridation might have been a fact of life; or perhaps you didn't know your water was fluoridated until you moved to an area where it wasn't. Suddenly the dentist was offering your children fluoride treatments at every visit. Many people prefer to get their fluoride directly from tap water, but is that really the safest way to strengthen your teeth?

Back in 2009, the Environmental Working Group discovered over three hundred different contaminants in the local drinking water. This water was supplied to hundreds of millions of Americans in over 45 states, and of those hundreds of contaminants over two hundred found lacked any safety standards or regulations for drinking water. Not much reform has happened since then to improve the drinking water conditions.

These problematic toxins, impurities and chemicals came from farm waste, industrial chemicals, urban run off, sewage, pesticides, fertilizers and by products from different treatment processes.

All in all, none of them sound particularly appealing or make you want to reach for a cold glass of tap water, right? These and other reasons are why you should be drinking filtered water, and the easiest way to enjoy filtered water is from a Colorado Springs water delivery company!

We've all heard the claims from the medical community about the benefits of drinking water, but most of them are aimed at maintaining a healthy complexion or improving bodily functions. While many nutritionists encourage more water consumption, it is not a hard and fast rule for weight loss – or is it?

Tap water is a great resource for many household purposes but is it safe to drink? This questions often gets bounced back and forth and in many instances the answer depends on where you live. 

Tap water does provide excellent availability, but it can contain harsh chemicals from water treatment plants or have acidic qualities if it comes from a well. Just how do you know if it is safe to drink? What should you do to make it safer for you and your family? 

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