Filtered Water - Why You Should Be Drinking Filtered Water

Back in 2009, the Environmental Working Group discovered over three hundred different contaminants in the local drinking water. This water was supplied to hundreds of millions of Americans in over 45 states, and of those hundreds of contaminants over two hundred found lacked any safety standards or regulations for drinking water. Not much reform has happened since then to improve the drinking water conditions.

These problematic toxins, impurities and chemicals came from farm waste, industrial chemicals, urban run off, sewage, pesticides, fertilizers and by products from different treatment processes.

All in all, none of them sound particularly appealing or make you want to reach for a cold glass of tap water, right? These and other reasons are why you should be drinking filtered water, and the easiest way to enjoy filtered water is from a Colorado Springs water delivery company!

Get a Colorado Springs Water Purification System

Since our bodies rely on water to keep each and every major system functioning at optimal performance, drinking enough water is a key for good health. Water is the very essence of life, so why not make sure that the water you are consuming yourself or providing for those you care about is of the best possible quality? Some reports conclude that 80% of the bottled water you purchase at a store is simply repackaged tap water. Instead of hoping that your local tap water is safe, contact a local water delivery service to set up delicious water supply in your home and office that you know you can trust.

While once considered a luxury expense, filtered water delivery service is fast becoming a staple in American homes. The affordability of these services cannot be denied, especially if you choose to support a local company versus the big box national brands. With personable, reliable delivery staff that only delivers the amount of water you need their superior customer service cannot be beat.

Having this clean, great tasting, pure delicious drinking water always on hand is a benefit you’ll soon wonder how you lived without. Filtered water that is delivered to your home ensures that you and your family will build healthier living habits. At first increased water consumption is tied to the novelty of the service, but once you begin drinking more water the habit is formed. After experiencing the boost in energy, metabolism and mood that staying properly hydrated provides, you’ll find getting those recommended eight glasses of water a day is a breeze. Set up an appointment to look into your filtered water delivery service options today!

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