How to Find the Best Colorado Springs Bottled Drinking Water

When it comes to getting bottled water for your office or home, you need to make sure you find the best company. There are several companies available to the Colorado Springs area, but how do you know which one to choose? It can be easy to find the best Colorado bottled water by asking a few simple questions when investigating the various businesses available. 

1. Does the Company Deliver?

Finding the right company can be difficult if you do not know what to look for or expect. If you've been dishing out water from your home or office tap, or picking up jugs & bottles from a local store all this time then you don't know the benefits of having water delivered.

If you live in a home of water drinkers, which I certianly hope that you do, then consider the large amount of time and effort that goes into running to the store, totting heavy water jugs or bottles to the car and then back into the home each time. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone else do all that work for you? Water delivery is especially helpful when you have water dispensers your office, which can amount to several gallons of water per week.  A quality water delivery service can save you time and money associated with picking up bottles elsewhere.

There are plenty of great water companies in Colorado Springs, why not choose one that also caters to the convenience of water delivery in your area?

2. Is Quality Guaranteed?

Not all water is created equal. Quality assurance is important when you are looking for the best Colorado bottled water. Choose a company that uses a quality purification process.

You'd be surprised to learn that there are bottled water companies known to use tap water instead of fresh filtered water. That's right, essentially the same water you'd be given in your tap handed in a pre-packed bottle and charged at a substantially higher price. Why pay for what you get for pennies from your tap? If you want quality, purified water that doesn't contain any mineral build-ups or possible contaminants from old piping.

When you find out that the company guarantees the quality, you know you are getting the best water for you and your office.

3. Do They Follow the International Bottled Water Association Rules and Regulations?

The International Bottled Water Association established a set of rules and regulations for all bottled water companies to follow to ensure quality. These rules and regulations are put in place to make sure consumers get the proper bottled water from companies. This includes the material used in the plastic for the bottled water to make sure it will not leech harsh contaminants into it, as well as regulations on the type of water (tap or filtered) people can put in bottles. This can safeguard you from a company that might use tap water instead of filtered.

You should always investigate the various companies you are considering to see if they abide by these rules and regulations to ensure you get the safest bottled water.

4. Is the Company a Big Corporation or a Family-owned, Customer-focused Company?

Finding a family-owned, customer-focused company will be great for you and your business because you know they will make sure to help however possible. Large corporations can make water delivery difficult, and it can be hard to find out information on quality of water and whether or not they follow the rules and regulations. Going with a smaller company gives you the opportunity to work with people who care about you and make sure you get the best water for your needs.

Who would you rather work with? A small family-owned company or a big corporation?

5. How Long Has the Company Been Established?

When seeking the best bottled water company in Colorado Springs, you should make sure you know how long the company has been established. Companies that have been around a long time will have more experience in the business, know how to take care of their customers, and have a proven track record of loyal clientelle to keep them afloat.

If you have specific questions regarding bottled water, experienced Colorado Springs water delivery companies such as clearly colorado, can give you all the pertinent information you need quickly.

You will also find that they have several business practices in place that work perfectly and efficiently from years of experience.

6. Are Their Plans Flexible or Too Rigid?

If you find a company you like and trust, you should also make sure what their plans are and if they are flexible. You will want to find a company that is more flexible with their plans to help you get exactly what you need. If you do not use a company with flexible plans, you will notice many gaps in what you need, which can cause more stress when getting bottled water.

Tight, rigid plans do not suit everyone, and a company that isn't willing to work with the customer obviously won't put you first when you really need it.


It is time for you to start searching for the best Colorado Springs bottled water delivery service to get the best bottled water. Finding a great company will ensure you get the best, bottled water, quality service, and a company dedicated to providing you with great water. As you locate the company you want to use, make sure to ask these questions. They will help you find a business that will be perfect for you and one that you know you can trust throughout the years.

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