Hydration Health Benefits

dehydrationWe've heard it all before, how water is crucial to good health. Most adults know that as much as 75% of the body's weight is made up of water, but throughout the day we lose this water through perspiration, urination, even breathing. This is why it is critically important to continue replacing this water by drinking enough fluid.

exercise_BMIWe hear a lot about Body Mass Index (BMI) and physical fitness, but few people realize the impact they have on longevity and quality of life. According to a Monash University study, increasing rates of obesity and associated illnesses result in greater costs to the community as well as reduced life expectancy and a strain on healthcare systems.

organic_foodsAll one has to do is walk into a supermarket to see how popular organic foods have become. What once was a trend that was only visible in the produce section has now made its way into virtually every aisle of the store. You may have also noticed that organic food is more expensive, often costing twice as much as non-organic food.

So, is the nutritional value of organic food really worth the added expense? Is it really necessary to purchase organic dog food or organic potato chips? Some people are so into natural foods that they have replaced everything in their refrigerator and kitchen cabinets with a "certified organic" label. Nothing has escaped the organic or "all-natural" label, which now includes everything from dishwashing liquid to drinking water.

natural_home_remediesMedical professionals often attribute up to 75 percent of common illnesses to stress-related issues.  Stressed-out people often sleep less and have trouble digesting their food.  They can experience early hair loss, skin breakouts and a weakened immune system, which ultimately makes them more susceptible to common illnesses.  Fortunately, a trip to the drug store or medicine cabinet isn’t always necessary; there are some natural ways to relieve stress-related ailments.

Home remedies may seem a bit old-fashioned, especially in this age of immediate gratification, but they can be surprisingly effective in treating illness without jeopardizing your health.  While the organic approach may not work for everyone or every illness, most people find relief by following these tactics.  Natural solutions for common ailments can be used to keep the body healthy and fit without exposing it to harmful drugs or chemicals.  It is still necessary to get appropriate medical treatment when symptoms persist; it makes sense to try these remedies first.  Not only do they have no side effects; they are made from ingredients that are likely to be found around your house.  It’s amazing how much money can be saved when people take the time to find a natural home remedy.

cycling_clubIf you spend any time driving around the suburbs on a Saturday afternoon, chances are you will pass a few groups of bicyclists, out for their weekly ride.  As bothersome as it may be to drive behind a group of bicyclists while driving on a one-lane road, it sure beats the loud motorcycle clubs of the 60s and 70s.  While it might seem like there are more cycling groups than ever, the concept of a bicycling club is nothing new.  In the 1880s and 1890s, the “new middle class” in many East Coast cities participated in forming hundreds of cycling clubs across the country.

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