Best Rated Bottled Water - A Delicious Taste You Can Trust

best rated bottled waterWhen choosing what bottled water delivery company to put your faith in, it is easy to get lost in the details. The diligent consumer looks at the plans, rates and specials from all available options, but many still miss some of the fine print.

The larger national chains may have sleek ads and a dizzying array of specials, but the real question is “do they have the best rated bottled water?”

Skip the glossy sales pitches and make sure to look locally. If you are lucky enough to reside in the Colorado Springs area, the highest quality bottled water is right in your backyard.

The most important part of your water delivery service is, of course, the water that is being provided to your home or office. Other factors to consider when choosing your bottled water service are delivery schedules, water bottle storage and of course the total monthly or quarterly cost after specials or promotions have ended. You may also want to see if the company offers other water filtration system that would be a better fit for your situation than using a bottled water cooler.

By choosing to get your best rated bottled water from Clearly Colorado, you are supporting a local company who goes to great lengths each and every day to ensure that the water they provide is the best available. The purest, most delicious and highest quality in all of the Front Range area. The best rated bottled water that they provide goes through annual FDA formal inspection and testing for the physical, radiological and  chemical. On a daily basis their water is tested and monitored to their high standards as well as the high quality standards of the FDA.

Clearly Colorado doesn’t just have the advantage over other companies with their best rated bottled water, they also offer their customers a simple Price For Life Guarantee. Not bait and switch pricing, the savings very simply do not end. Enjoy the best rates and the best rated bottled water from a family operated, friendly local company. Take a short break in your day to contact them right now to set up an appointment to talk about their free quotes and possible free trials of their various services. Setting up your service is a breeze with their professional sales staff, and shortly after you begin reaping the benefits of bottled water service you will wonder how you ever did without!


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