Symphony Ice and Water Dispenser - Efficient Office Refreshment

Keeping your office environment as pleasant and productive as possible is every business owner or managers goal. When your employees enjoy coming into work productivity rises, customer service improves and profits go up.

An incredibly easy way to meet these goals is to offer quality refreshments to your work group. Coffee services, keeping clean, pure filtered water on hand to keep your people fresh as well as hydrated, and offering beverage enhancing ice for all their refreshments.

The beauty of the Symphony ice and water dispenser is both in it’s physical appeal and that it offers you and your work family quality drinking water with the option of Chewblet nugget ice at a touch of a button!

Attractive & Convenient Design

These attractive and space saving ice maker and water dispenser combinations are an office staple now, easily replacing the iconic bottled water cooler as an office gathering point.

The Symphony ice and water dispenser has counter top and freestanding models so you can choose the size and style that works for your space. Both designs also are available in your preference of having the standard level or optional SensorSAFE infrared dispensing for the most convenience as well as sanitation.

These heavy duty ice and water dispensers are known for their quality construction features and exceptional reliability.

Quality Ice & Functionality

Ice is ice, right? Not so fast. While many of us may not think about the differences in dispenser ice that they’ve had there are differences in quality. Most conventional ice maker machines create a dense ice cube, which is a lengthy and non energy efficient process.

The Chewblet ice that the Symphony ice and water dispenser releases is a palate-pleasing, easy-to-chew nugget that is preferred two to one over standard ice cubes.

Small to large offices can easily be accommodated by a Symphony ice and water dispenser as they quietly can produce up to 400 pounds of Chewblet nugget ice each day.

Count on exceptional icemaker reliability as the Symphony has stainless steel jacketed evaporator, stainless auger, oversized taper roller bearings and microprocessor circuit board with diagnostic LEDs. This beautiful office addition can easily be in your break area to be enjoyed for years to come.

Contact Clearly Colorado today for more information on pricing, accessories and installation in your business as soon as possible. Enjoy the convenience, piece of mind and reliability that these quality machines will offer. Your staff, customers and visitors certainly will!

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