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Depending on where you grew up, drinking water fluoridation might have been a fact of life; or perhaps you didn't know your water was fluoridated until you moved to an area where it wasn't. Suddenly the dentist was offering your children fluoride treatments at every visit. Many people prefer to get their fluoride directly from tap water, but is that really the safest way to strengthen your teeth?

The weather in Colorado Springs during the past two months has been unusually wet. With record-breaking rainfall in May and flooding throughout much of June, the state has had to worry less about the usual drought and fire dangers and more about mudslides, floods, hail and even lightning!

At first thought, these issues seem better - the more moisture in the area, the less chance of a wildfire disasters such as the Waldo Canyon or Black Forest fires from previous years.

But, with the extra water comes other worries. Standing water, an abundance of ground water and even rainwater collection can all become health risks for Colorado Springs and surround area residents. Many are turning to bottled water or water purification systems to guarantee that their water is safe to drink. Is your tap water safe?

The questionable contents of municipal tap water have been well established, leading millions of Americans to switch their drinking and cooking water to trustworthy filtered water.

Purchasing bulk quantities of bottled water can be inconvenient and the option of using filtered water delivery services has quickly gained popularity, but with our increasingly hectic schedules many families are looking for a more permanent in home solution.

Reverse osmosis systems for your Colorado home are cutting edge water filtration systems that provide clean, great tasting water for all your cooking and drinking needs!

If you are hiking the Manitou Incline, or if you’re an athlete hoping to join the Olympic athletes training here in Colorado Springs, the intensity of your exercise may have your body screaming for electrolytes and carbohydrates.

For those who play sports regularly, the question often comes up: which is more beneficial for you while exercising, Gatorade or water? The answer is: that depends on you — the type and duration of your activity, and what you put into your body before you exercise. You need to start out well nourished and well hydrated.

water-spilling2This may sound shocking when one considers the vast volume of water that is processed for tap water; or the variety of chemicals and minerals found in routine sampling, but one study shows that consumption of cocaine in the UK has caused trace amounts of the drug to show up in drinking water.

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