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adventure_vacationOne of the side benefits of getting in shape is how it changes the rest of your life, and I don't just mean how well your clothes fit. Healthy adults also enjoy more variety in the way they experience life. Instead of watching marathons and bike races pass them by; they participate. Instead of booking a hotel for a sightseeing trip, they plan vacations that include hiking, skiing, horseback riding and bungee jumping. They start to enjoy the outdoors in ways they had never dreamed possible, and yes, they even plan adventure vacations.

Office water coolers are such a staple in most working American’s lives that we have gone so far as to coin the term “water cooler effect” to describe the ubiquitous phenomenon of employees gathering around water coolers to chat. TV series often shoot for their programing to have a water cooler effect, meaning they received incredible buzz from the evening before. That iconic five gallon jug stand of drinking water is an unmistakeable image, but one that is slowly becoming dated. Office water delivery companies have kept up with advances in water filtration technology and now have a large selection of more efficient and effective coolers, dispensers and basins for you to choose from.

America has become addicted to single use bottled water. We purchase and consume trillions of gallons of bottled water every year. Trillions sounds like hyperbole but in 2007 it was 9 trillion and climbing. Single use bottled water seems safer than tap water in many areas, is convenient, and easy to keep in the fridge so we always cold drinking water at hand. This convenience comes at a huge cost to the environment as well as your wallet. These are some of the reasons why point-of-use water filtration systems through Colorado Springs water delivery services are the future of pure, clean, delicious drinking water at home and for businesses.

WASHINGTON — The US Senate was scheduled on April 15 to begin a hearing to look into reports that trace levels of prescription drugs are present in US public drinking water supplies, according to an April 15 Marketplace report.

The hearing, called by Sen. Frank R, Lautenberg, D-NJ, and Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-CA, will examine the problem of pharmaceuticals in drinking water supplies, and provide a national framework for tackling the problem, as WaterTech Online™ reported.

The environment; oil prices and availablility; and stressing our landfills are real and serious concerns for everyone.  clearly colorado has an environmental commitment to always improve our technology and product offerings.

For example, we monitor the industry and intend to move to corn-based bottles when a reliable corn-based bottle becomes available. 

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