Environmental Benefits of Filtered Water

America has become addicted to single use bottled water. We purchase and consume trillions of gallons of bottled water every year. Trillions sounds like hyperbole but in 2007 it was 9 trillion and climbing. Single use bottled water seems safer than tap water in many areas, is convenient, and easy to keep in the fridge so we always cold drinking water at hand. This convenience comes at a huge cost to the environment as well as your wallet. These are some of the reasons why point-of-use water filtration systems through Colorado Springs water delivery services are the future of pure, clean, delicious drinking water at home and for businesses.

 Most people are unaware of the huge impact our personal use bottled water addiction has on the environment. Sure, we realize that we are drinking a lot of water but the actual numbers are astounding. 86% of water bottles in the USA are not recycled. Nearly 40 billion bottles are added to landfills every single year. Beyond these numbers shocking amounts of oil and gas are used to creating, packaging and transporting these bottles. Then once used and thrown away it is equally shocking how long those 40 billion bottles sit in landfills. In the end, this cost to the planet is not worth the short term benefits of convenience.

For many people the health concerns about municipal tap water is what drove them to bottled water in the first place. This is where point-of-use water filtration systems can save the day and are the next big thing in water consumption. These are much like the five gallon office water coolers we’ve been chatting around for decades, but instead of that iconic jug they are connected directly to the tap. Somewhat similar to having a treatment filter under your kitchen sink, this water is then filtered until you’re left with just pure clean drinking water. What sets these apart from an under the sink filter, these can have chiller tanks for instantly ice cold water as well as a hot water tank that provides pure water for tea, instant coffee, or whatever your heart desires.

 These point-of-use coolers decrease contributions to landfills, reduce energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint all at once. More so, the cost of these point-of-use filtration systems when using a Colorado Springs water delivery system is a fraction of what the average American is already spending on their bottled water habit monthly. With all these benefits to your wallet and the Earth, there is no reason not to call Clearly Colorado today!

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