Environmental Issues

The environment; oil prices and availablility; and stressing our landfills are real and serious concerns for everyone.  clearly colorado has an environmental commitment to always improve our technology and product offerings.

For example, we monitor the industry and intend to move to corn-based bottles when a reliable corn-based bottle becomes available. 

clearly colorado has also reintroduced glass 5 gallon bottles for people preferring glass over plastic.  We recycle our  5 gallon plastic bottles by collecting, sterilizing and reusing them 40-60 times.

clearly colorado also offers "Point of Use" (POU) water filtration coolers that use no bottles. You have the taste and convenience of bottled water with an environmentally friendly solution. Plus, you avoid the delivery and storage of 5 gallon water bottles.

Our technicians visit your location to maintain and sanitize the coolers on a regular basis, keeping your water pure and fresh.

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