Following are just a few ways having a bottled water cooler around the office or in your home - or both - will help you stay hydrated, ensuring you have more energy, are controlling your weight, feel fantastic and perform to your utmost:


A water cooler can be placed strategically to make it easy for you to fill your glass.


Seeing a bottle of clean, pure, incredible-tasting water will remind you to fill that glass often.

Refreshing Treat

clearly colorado bottled water tastes great!  As a treat in the morning or afternoon, fill your glass with the purest, most refreshing and flavorful beverage available - and do something good for yourself in the process.  Instead of reaching for a donut, a candy bar or a caffeine- and sugar-laden drink, do something good for yourself and grab a cool glass of water.


People simply do not like to drink from an ordinary tap in the bathroom or from faucets used for washing hands, dishes, or who knows what else.  Water coolers are sanitary and clean.