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clearly colorado's Water Source - The Colorado Rocky Mountains

Your water originates as rain or snow in Colorado’s national forests, far away from contaminants and city pollution. The water is collected and stored in mountain lakes and reservoirs then transported via a system of aqueducts to the Colorado Springs area. The water is then piped to our state-of-the-art water filtration plant, where it is filtered, ozone sanitized and bottled.

Ultimate Purity Via Modern Filtration and Sanitization

Our water filtration plant uses high-tech water purification processes that produce virtually pure H2O. The system has multiple stages of filtration including reverse osmosis to remove over 99% of in-organic contaminats. But that is just the beginning of the purification process!

Our water receives Ozone Injection and ultraviolet light exposure to eliminate virtually all organic and microbiological contaminats including:

  • bacteria
  • cryptosporidium
  • other common impurities

The final result is pure, oxygenated drinking water that does not contain chlorine, lead or organic contaminants.

Our Standard Is To Exceed Standards

clearly colorado always exceeds even the highest standards in the industry. We continually test our water far beyond that which is required by state and federal regulations. For the record, we use the strict International Bottled Water Association's (IBWA) guidelines. This assures you that you are getting only the very best nature and modern science have to offer.

clearly colorado's Water Purification Process

Clearly Colorado Water Process