clearly colorado takes cleanliness and quality control seriously.

We follow the following procedures to insure that our water is pure:

  • We practice International Bottled Water Association rules and regulations.
  • Our 5 gallon plastic bottles are reused 40-60 times and are cleaned with our automated machine using biodegradable soap products.
  • Annually we have formal standardized FDA inspection and testing, physical, chemical and radiological.
  • We adhere to Truth in Labeling standards.
  • Daily, we monitor ozone content, maintain 4 parts per million.
  • We adhere to all Colorado State and FDA testing and inspections.
  • We have an automatic bottle washer, cuting down on the amount of bottle-handling.
  • Our processes are similar to restraunt procedures.
  • We maintain full testing on our water, adhering to FDA standards.

What makes us unique?

  • External wipe down of all bottles after bottling.
  • Disinfect and sanitize coolers and POUs at the customer site.
  • Perform weekly, quarterly and annual tests on product bottles.
  • Monitor daily ozone levels.  In addition, phenolphaline tests are performed to ensure no residual particles are in the bottle.


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What our clients say

  • The clearly colorado  bottled water tastes fantastic.  It's actually viewed as a treat by our warehouse and retail staff.

  • Thanks for hiring such professional water delivery staff. They are fast, friendly and do not interrupt our busy office.

    Real Estate Agent, Monument, CO
  • I really appreciate how prompt you are with water delivery and refreshment bar stocking.

    Computer Software Developer, Denver, CO
  • My family now drinks more water thanks to the great taste of your bottle water.

    Lorrie, Colorado Springs
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