Wellsys WS 12000 Purified Water & Ice Dispenser

State-of-the-Art Water & Ice Dispenser from Reverse Osmosis Purification
Wellsys WS 12000

The WS 12000 is an extraordinary ice and water dispenser with warranty to match. The WS 12000 uses state-of-the-art reverse osmosis purification to produce tulip ice and hot, cold, and ambient water from recessed spigots. Its comfort-height and touch-activated dispensing design offers no-bend, sanitary dispensing.

  • Hot, cold, and ambient water plus ice dispenser
  • Elegant “bullet” ice
  • Touch-activated sensor operation
  • Ergonomic comfort-height design for no-bend dispensing
  • State-of-the-art reverse osmosis
  • Leak protection system
  • Engergy efficiency mode
  • Dimensions58.7″H x 16.9″W x 19.4″D
  • Weight116.8 lbs
  • Colors AvailableBlack
  • Cold Water Capacity1.2 gallons/4.7 liters
  • Ambient Water Capacity4.5 gallons/16.9 liters
  • Hot Water Capacity1.2 gallons/4.7 liters
  • Ice Production37.9 lbs/17.2 kg per day
  • Ice Storage8.8 lbs/4 kg
  • Dispense Height8.625″
  • Recommended Water Pressure60 – 70 psi
  • Rated Voltage/Frequency110v/60Hz @ 6.5 amps
  • Power Consumption2.83 kWh/24 hours

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