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More than 100 national companies look to clearly colorado for their employees' drinking water and coffee needs.

Our customers include:

  • School districts, large and small
  • High tech manufacturing
  • Software companies
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Construction firms
  • Major retailers including Home Depot, Wall Mart, Circuit City, Best Buy
  • Churches, charitable organizations, and other faith based org. of all sizes
  • Beauty salons, spas
  • Medical, doctors, dentists, surgical centers
  • Banking including Colorado largest chains
  • Aerospace industries and airports
  • Car rental companies
  • Military bases
  • Corporations of all sizes
  • Recreation facilities
  • Ski Resorts
  • Hotels including major chains
  • Restaurants
  • Government offices
  • Government contractors
  • Transportation including delivery, shipping,
  • Realtors, mortgage, title companies
  • Web design firms
  • Pro sports

Plus many more are signing on with clearly colorado every day.

clearly colorado is still able to focus on and provide service to smaller companies and individual families, as well.