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Need a Pallet of Water Delivered in Colorado?

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Pallets of Bottled Water Delivered in Colorado

Do you need large quantities of bottled water at your job site or business location?  Discover the convenience and cost savings of having pallets of bottled water delivered when and where you need it.

Clearly Colorado regularly delivers pallets of bottled water to businesses, job sites and even large events throughout Colorado.

Whether you need a one-time or a recurring delivery of pallets of bottle water, we can quench your needs.

Our water originates in the Rocky Mountains and is purified in our local water purification facility before being bottled into sanitized, hand-holdable and recyclable plastic bottles. 

Our water is famous in Colorado for its light and crisp taste. No artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives. Just pure Colorado mountain water.  

Calorie free, our pallets of bottled water deliver a much healthier alternative to sodas and artificially sweetened drinks.

Pallets of Drinking Water Delivered

Choose a locally owned and operated bottled water delivery company for bottled water pallets delivered in Colorado.

Individual-sized bottles of water delivered in bulk on pallets directly to where you need it.

Stop wasting time sending employees to the store to get expensive bottled water from the convenience store.  

Water Quality

At Clearly Colorado, we go to great lengths to ensure your bottled drinking water is the purest, highest quality water available in the Colorado Front Range. The Clearly Colorado water filtration and bottling facilities meet all federal and state health standards.

We adhere to the International Bottled Water Association rules and regulations.  Annually we have formal standardized FDA inspection and testing, physical, chemical and radiological.  On a daily basis, we monitor and test our water, adhering to FDA standards.


What is the cost of a pallet of bottled water delivered in Colorado?

The cost of bottled water pallets delivery depends primarily on how many pallets are delivered per visit.  We offer discounts based on the number of bottles delivered.  Please call us for a reliable quote.

Do you perform a credit check before you'll deliver water to our event or job site?

No! We never perform credit checks on our pallet water delivery clients.

What is the difference between tap drinking water and purified water?

In Colorado, tap drinking water comes from a municipal source and is safe for human consumption. Tap water is filtered at the minimum level for public safety.  The drinking water that we deliver originates in the Rocky Mountains and undergoes an extensive purification process to remove any chemicals or contaminants. The drinking water purification process we use in our Colorado Springs purification plant removes potentially harmful chemicals that make the water safer to drink and results in better tasting water than ordinary drinking water from a municipal source.

Is purified water safe to drink?

The bottled water you receive when you use our pallet water bottle delivery service is safe to drink because we do not use chlorine or other chemicals to treat the water. We use non-chemical water filtration processes including reverse osmosis, carbon and multimedia filtration, ozone sterilization, and mineral injection.

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Fun Fact:  Clearly Colorado delivery trucks are powered by environmentally friendly green diesel fuel.​

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