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Drinking Water Home Delivery

Purified Mountain Water Delivered Fresh

Bottled Drinking Water Home Delivery Plans

Our standard bottled drinking water home delivery schedule is every 2 weeks or monthly.  Custom home water delivery schedule can be arranged to meet your unique needs. 

Our bottled drinking water home delivery staff carries the water bottles into your home. They are happy to place the water bottles exactly where you want them.   

If preferred, the water bottles can be dropped off outside the home in a secure area.  Empty empty bottles can be left outside for pickup as well. 

The bottled drinking water delivery staff is non-commissioned, so they deliver only the amount of water you need and never over deliver.

Drinking Water Dispenser Options

Choose from our large inventory of free standing bottled drinking water coolers, bottled water crocks and stands, and counter top water dispensers.

You have the choice of leasing or purchasing your bottled water dispensers.  If you lease, we handle all equipment maintenance and repair.

Water Quality

At Clearly Colorado, we go to great lengths to ensure your bottled drinking water is the purest, highest quality water available in the Colorado Front Range area.  The Clearly Colorado water filtration and bottling facilities meet all federal and state health standards.

We practice the International Bottled Water Association rules and regulations.  Annually we have formal standardized FDA inspection and testing, physical, chemical and radiological.  On a daily basis, we monitor and test our water, adhering to FDA standards.


What is the cost of bottled drinking water home delivery?
The cost of bottled drinking water home delivery depends primarily on how many water bottles are delivered per visit.  We offer discounts based on the number of bottles delivered.  Please call us for a reliable quote.
Do you perform a credit check before you'll deliver water to my home?

No! We never perform credit checks on our home delivery clients.

What is the difference between tap drinking water and purified water?
In Colorado, tap drinking water comes from a municipal source and is safe for human consumption. Tap water is filtered at the minimum level for public safety.  The drinking water that we deliver originates in the Rocky Mountains and undergoes an extensive purification process to remove any chemicals or contaminants. The drinking water purification process we use in our Colorado Springs purification plant removes potentially harmful chemicals that make the water safer to drink and often much better tasking that ordinary drinking water from a municipal source.
Is purified water safe to drink?
The bottled water you receive when you use our drinking water home delivery service is safe to drink because we do not use chlorine or other chemicals to treat the water. We use non-chemical water filtration processes including reverse osmosis, carbon and multimedia filtration, ozone sterilization, and mineral injection.
How do bottled water dispensers work?
Bottled water dispensers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The basic operation is 1) place a 5-gallon bottle of water upside down on the top of the dispenser; 2) water from the bottle flows into a holding tank area that creates a vacuum that stops the water from flowing onto the floor; 3) the water can be heated or cooled in higher-end dispensers; 4) water is removed from the dispenser into a cup or a glass via a hand-operated spout; 5) when the water bottle is empty a person must manually replace the empty bottle with a full bottle; 6) the empty bottles are stored until picked up and replaced by the water delivery service.

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Fun Fact:  Clearly Colorado delivery trucks are powered by environmentally friendly green diesel fuel.​

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