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Office Water Delivery

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Bottled Office Water Delivery Plans

We offer flexible bottled office water delivery plans to suit the needs of all Colorado businesses, from small mom and pop shops to massive big-box retailers and everything in-between.

We will create a custom bottled water delivery plan just for your Colorado business.   Our low overhead will most likely save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year over the cost of the national water delivery companies.

Our standard office bottled water delivery schedule is every 2 weeks or monthly.  Custom business water delivery can be arranged to meet your unique needs.

Our bottled water delivery staff carries the water bottles into your Colorado business. They place the bottles exactly where you want them.

You will never be up-sold. Our team is non-commissioned, so they deliver only the amounts of water you need and never over deliver.

We not only deliver the best water in Colorado, but we also supply all the necessary equipment and stock cups and other needed accessories.

Bottled Water Dispenser Options

Choose from our large inventory of free standing bottled water coolers, bottled water crocks and stands, and counter top dispensers.

You have the choice of leasing or purchasing your dispensers.  If you lease, we handle all equipment maintenance and repair.

Water Quality

At clearly colorado, we go to great lengths to ensure your bottled water products are the purest, highest quality water available in the Colorado Front Range area.  The clearly colorado filtration and bottling facilities meet all federal and state health standards.

We practice the International Bottled Water Association rules and regulations.  Annually we have formal standardized FDA inspection and testing, physical, chemical and radiological.  On a daily basis, we monitor and test our water, adhering to FDA standards.


How many glasses of water are in a 5-gallon bottle?

There are 80 eight-ounce glasses of water in a 5-gallon bottled water jug.  Four people drinking four glasses a day would drain a water jug every 5 days.  Feel free to call us to estimate how much water you will need for your office.

How long does bottled water last after opening?

Water does not expire. But, an opened 5-gallon bottled water jug installed in the dispenser can develop a stale taste if left in a warm area with bright light in a bottle for more than 5-7 days.  An opened bottle of water in the dispenser can last for a couple of week if it is normal room temperatures and not in direct sunlight.  

Where should we store unopened bottled water jugs?
The unopened bottled water jugs can be stored indefinitely provided the bottles are kept in a room-temperature or cooler room that does not receive direct sunlight.  Keep bottled water away from chemicals, such as cleaning products, combustible chemicals, paints, etc. The key to long term storage is to avoid excessive heat, sunlight and contaminates. 
Can you deliver to the 4th floor where there is no elevator?

Yes, we can.  And you won’t hear us complaining either. 😉 

Can 5-gallon water bottles break or leak?

Yes, 5-gallon water bottles are made of plastic and can become cracked and leak, especially if dropped or hit with a heavy object. Improper stacking and storage can also cause leaks.  Please consult with us if you will be storing a large quantity of 5-gallon water bottles so we can help you make arrangements for safe storage.

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Fun Fact:  Clearly Colorado delivery trucks are powered by environmentally friendly green diesel fuel.​

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