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When comparing Colorado business water delivery companies, you need to consider: water quality, frequency and quantity of bottle delivery, water dispenser options and supplies. Want a happier work environment?  Offering delicious, pure bottled water to your office staff is a great way to keep both employees and clients healthy and refreshed.

Business Bottled Water Plans

We offer flexible bottled water delivery plans to suit the needs of all businesses, from small mom and pop shops to massive big-box retailers and everything in-between.  We will create a custom bottled water plan just for your business that will most likely save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year over the cost of the national water delivery companies. Business water delivery in Colorado Springs has never looked so refreshing.

Office Water Delivery Options

Our standard office water delivery schedule is every two weeks or monthly. Custom Colorado Springs office refreshment delivery can be arranged to meet your special needs.  Our friendly delivery staff carries the water bottles into your office. The delivery staff are non-commissioned, so they deliver only what you need and never over deliver.  We not only deliver the best water in Colorado, we supply all the necessary equipment and stock cups and other needed accessories.

Bottled Water Dispenser Options

Choose from our large inventory of free standing water coolers, bottled water crock and stands, and counter top dispensers.  You have the choice of leasing or purchasing your bottled water dispensers.  If you lease we handle all equipment maintenance and repair. Our bottled water is filtered and tested to avoid any harmful particles, additives and chemicals.

Water Filtration System Options

Have you considered point-of-use (POU) water filtration systems?  Imagine enjoying impurity-free water and with no bulky, back-breaking bottles to lift or to store. Point-of-Use (POU) bottleless water purification systems convert ordinary tap water into absolutely pure, great tasting water at a huge savings over bottled water. There are several advantages to a  POU system for enjoying pure water in your office.