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Best Rated Bottled Water – Delivered to Your Door

Enjoying the crisp, clean taste of bottled water has become a national habit. The bottled water industry expands with every year as more people opt to move away from the questionable content of the water flowing from their tap and invest in drinking water that they can trust. Some make this change after reading investigative reports on the various contaminants that make it beyond their municipal filtering systems, others simply because of off putting taste or smell of their tap water.

No matter the reason, bottled water is no longer considered a luxury item. Instead of going out of their way on shopping trips to load up on this refreshing drinking water, people are making the smart financial choice of having the best rated bottled water delivered to their door.

Benefits of Drinking Purified Water – The Importance of Clean Water

Recent news in Colorado Springs made a lot of Southern Colorado residents worry about the safety of their local tap water.

Clean water is crucial for the health of you and your family so when the EPA puts out a report stating that your tap water contains dangerous levels of PFCs, it makes this basic life necessity seem even more precious than before. Most of the 80,000 residents dealing with the contaminated water are turning to purified bottled drinking water to keep hydrated during the hot days of the summer.

Water Coolers – Filtered Water Dispensers Adds To Your Convenience

Having cold, clear, fresh and healthy drinking water is essential in the home as well as the office. Providing quality filtered water coolers, point of use water dispenser or filtered drinking water systems to your family or employees is a service that above all else makes economic sense. When you move on from the hassles of single serving bottled water you will discover a cost savings of 50% – 70% overnight! Making the switch from a bottled water stand to a point of use, or bottleless water cooler, filtration system can offer even more savings to both your time and bottom line.

Filtered Bottled Water – Savings at Home and in the Office

Using a filtered bottled water delivery service at home and in your office is a convenient and simple solution for all your drinking water needs. This inexpensive office perk is a great step towards a happier working environment. Filtered bottled water is more than just drinking water, it vastly improves the taste of everything you’d normally make with tap water. Coffee, teas, soups and recipes are enhanced by the pure, delicious taste. Once you’ve become accustomed to the refreshing crispness of cold filtered water you and those around you will begin passing up sugary sodas, something that will save money and improve health.