Prevent Dehydration for a Safe and Healthy Summer

We’ve heard it all before, how water is crucial to good health. Most adults know that as much as 75% of the body’s weight is made up of water, but throughout the day we lose this water through perspiration, urination, even breathing. This is why it is critically important to continue replacing this water by drinking enough fluid.

Stay Hydrated While Exercising With Bottle Water Delivery

Every year around this time we hear about someone who collapsed from heat exhaustion in a crowded stadium, or someone who passed out while running on a hot summer day, but this shouldn’t be a reason to exercise inside all summer long. Sure, there will always be those scorching summer days when no one wants to venture out of air-conditioned comfort. However, it makes sense to learn some of the best ways to prevent heat-related health issues before they happen.

Does Drinking More Water Really Help You Lose Weight?

How many of us have been on diet after diet, with each providing its own set of “dos and don’ts.” Whether it’s gluten-free, low-carb, low-fat or calorie counting, the diet community seems to agree on one thing, and that’s water consumption? Have you ever heard of a diet that limits water consumption or discourages it? Never! Every diet book on the market says the same thing – drink lots of water throughout the day. I can’t help but ask: is this a proven statistic for weight loss, or is it just something that sounds good?

Body Mass Index, Exercise, and Life Expectancy

We hear a lot about Body Mass Index (BMI) and physical fitness, but few people realize the impact they have on longevity and quality of life. According to a Monash University study, increasing rates of obesity and associated illnesses result in greater costs to the community as well as reduced life expectancy and a strain on healthcare systems.

11 Good Reasons to Drink a Lot of Purified Water

It’s hard to go for one day without someone telling you to drink more water, especially during the summer months; but drinking water is important throughout the year. Even when the weather keeps you indoors and sedentary, there are still plenty of good reasons to stay hydrated. The importance of water has drawn many people to invest in water purification systems, bottled spring water and eco-friendly water dispensers.

Five Ways to Eat Organic Food on a Budget

All one has to do is walk into a supermarket to see how popular organic foods have become. What once was a trend that was only visible in the produce section has now made its way into virtually every aisle of the store. You may have also noticed that organic food is more expensive, often costing twice as much as non-organic food.

So, is the nutritional value of organic food really worth the added expense? Is it really necessary to purchase organic dog food or organic potato chips? Some people are so into natural foods that they have replaced everything in their refrigerator and kitchen cabinets with a “certified organic” label. Nothing has escaped the organic or “all-natural” label, which now includes everything from dishwashing liquid to drinking water.