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Environmental Issues

The environment; oil prices and availablility; and stressing our landfills are real and serious concerns for everyone.  clearly colorado has an environmental commitment to always improve our technology and product offerings.

For example, we monitor the industry and intend to move to corn-based bottles when a reliable corn-based bottle becomes available. 

EPA Called Upon to Respond to Drugs-in-Water

WASHINGTON — Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-NJ, who chaired an April 15 US Senate hearing on pharmaceutical compounds in US drinking water supplies, said that the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) response to the situation was insufficient, according to an April 15 Associated Press (AP) report.

After the hearing, he told the AP, “To me, it represents a sleight of hand that we are familiar with here.”

New Innovations – Gadget Turns Air into Water

At this time of year it may be difficult to recall the warm days of summer, when the air was so muggy you could stay hydrated just by breathing it. But a new home appliance is actually making this promise. Known as “atmospheric water generators,” these gadgets make tit possible to convert outdoor air into nearly 13 quarts of fresh water daily.

Flouride in Your Tap? Consider Getting a Reverse Osmosis System

Depending on where you grew up, drinking water fluoridation might have been a fact of life; or perhaps you didn’t know your water was fluoridated until you moved to an area where it wasn’t. Suddenly the dentist was offering your children fluoride treatments at every visit. Many people prefer to get their fluoride directly from tap water, but is that really the safest way to strengthen your teeth?

Dehydration – Who Is At Risk And What Are The Dangers?

With time being such a scarce commodity these days, people are serious about their workouts; sometimes too serious. Performance is important to any athlete, and there is nothing wrong with making the most of every workout, but nothing is more critical to the athlete than safety. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete, nothing is more important than proper hydration. Even the slightest amount of dehydration can diminish one’s physical endurance and mental acuity, thereby reducing the benefits of a workout.

Water vs. Gatorade: What’s the Best Hydration for Colorado Athletes?

If you are hiking the Manitou Incline, or if you’re an athlete hoping to join the Olympic athletes training here in Colorado Springs, the intensity of your exercise may have your body screaming for electrolytes and carbohydrates.

For those who play sports regularly, the question often comes up: which is more beneficial for you while exercising, Gatorade or water? The answer is: that depends on you — the type and duration of your activity, and what you put into your body before you exercise. You need to start out well nourished and well hydrated.