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Need Drinking Water? There’s an App for That!

Android App for Smartphones

In the rush to bring new technology to every industry, software developers are always looking for that “next big idea.” When the public outcry against plastic water bottles got louder, one developer decided it was time to go back to basics: public drinking fountains. For centuries it was not uncommon to stop at a drinking fountain to quench one’s thirst but just like pay phones, they have gone by the wayside. But one developer wants to bring them back.

How can you go green at work?

“Going green” is no longer just a trend in today’s society. Rather than being a catch phrase or a way to get people to think of recycling or creating less waste, companies and the general population tend to be doing their best to be eco-friendly and save the environment as much as possible as a regular way of life. Making smarter choices about how we live and taking both large and small steps to improve the world are becoming more and more important to people. This doesn’t just apply to home life – businesses and their offices have a big impact on the environment and many workplaces are working to be more sustainable. Going green in the office isn’t too difficult – there are plenty of ways to become more eco-friendly at work without interrupting your everyday work life.

Preparing for Your First Half-Marathon

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you have developed a case of “marathon envy.” Perhaps you’re tired of driving behind mud-splashed Subarus with those “26.2” oval stickers on the back. Or maybe your closest friends have all started bonding about their marathon training and you feel left out. Whatever the reason, you have found yourself curious whether you can make it through a half-marathon, let alone a full one. Better to start with something manageable like a half-marathon than to bite off more than you can chew, but how do you prepare for that?


Water Delivery Companies – Clearly Colorado is Changing the Way You Buy Drinking Water

Are you looking for the best of the water delivery companies in the Colorado Springs area for your home or office? Clearly Colorado is a family owned and operated business that has served the Colorado Front Range since 1998. Offering an outstanding combination of high tech water filtration systems and friendly old fashioned customer service they are passionate about helping your home, family and office enjoy all the benefits of having pure, delicious drinking water available day and night. Prompt water delivery schedules, easy delivery, numerous filtration and cooler options, and outstanding office refreshment delivery services are all ways Clearly Colorado is changing the way you buy drinking water.

Best Rated Bottled Water – A Delicious Taste You Can Trust

When choosing what bottled water delivery company to put your faith in, it is easy to get lost in the details. The diligent consumer looks at the plans, rates and specials from all available options, but many still miss some of the fine print.

The larger national chains may have sleek ads and a dizzying array of specials, but the real question is “do they have the best rated bottled water?”

Skip the glossy sales pitches and make sure to look locally. If you are lucky enough to reside in the Colorado Springs area, the highest quality bottled water is right in your backyard.