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How To Choose Wisely When Choosing Bottled Water Coolers for a Business

Bottled water coolers for offices can keep employees healthy and hydrated, increase productivity, and enhance collegiality in the workplace. But if you choose the wrong water cooler or make other missteps when selecting equipment and a vendor, the downsides can easily overshadow those upsides.

Avoiding mistakes when ordering bottled water coolers for a Colorado office can ensure that employees have ready access to clean, fresh, pure water while the companies they work for get the most value out of their investment. If your company tasks you with upping its water game, watch out for these common errors.

Not Doing Your Homework About Bottled Water Coolers for Offices Options

The odds are that you don’t regularly shop for bottled water coolers. That means you likely aren’t familiar with the full range of options out there. Free-standing bottled water coolers, bottled water crocks and stands, and countertop dispensers are just a few of the available options. Each water dispensing option has unique features, advantages, and price points. Unless you take the time to educate yourself about your bottled water cooler options, you stand a good chance of making a bad one.

You can start your research by doing the same thing you do before most purchases. Search online and get familiar with the universe of bottled water dispensers out there. But while googling “bottled water coolers for offices” will put useful information in your hands, it won’t answer your specific questions or provide you with guidance as to what products and services are best suited to your company’s needs. For that, you need to speak with an office breakroom and beverage expert.

Not Exploring Your Bottled Water Delivery Service Choices

Here on the Front Range of Colorado, companies have plenty of choices when it comes to bottled water delivery service providers. If you pick the wrong service or sign up with the first provider that you meet with, you may be selling yourself short.

The fact is that bottled water delivery companies do a lot more than haul around large jugs of purified water. A good provider will meet with you (for free) so that they can understand your needs and priorities. They will make honest recommendations based on those discussions, never trying to “upsell” you or pressuring you into buying a cooler or services you don’t need. They will advise you as to whether leasing or purchasing your equipment makes more sense. They will create a custom bottled water delivery plan tailored to your requirements.

Once that cooler finds itself in your office, it needs to work reliably and consistently. You need to have a sufficient supply of water based on your company’s consumption patterns. You’re paying your bottled water service to make sure that all of that happens without you needing to pick up the phone to remind them to clean and maintain your cooler or make a delivery.

Quite simply, you want to do business with a water delivery service you can trust and rely upon. If, after meeting with a potential supplier, you don’t get the sense they are committed to quality service or if they seem they will put their interests above yours, move on.

Not Asking Questions

The best Colorado beverage distributors that provide and service bottled water coolers for offices know their stuff. They should be ready to give you answers to any questions you have – and you should have questions. Consider asking:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How much water do we need and how do you figure that out?
  • Where does your water come from?
  • What are the advantages of leasing a water dispenser instead of buying?
  • How much will maintenance and service cost me per month?
  • How long does the water in a bottle stay fresh after opening?
  • How much maintenance will my cooler require?
  • How long is my commitment?
  • Where will you put the jugs you deliver and what do we do when they’re empty?
  • What other services and supplies do you offer?

Bottled Water Coolers For Offices: Make The Right Call By Choosing The Right Company

At Clearly Colorado, we share a commitment to delivering the purest, highest quality water available on the Front Range using trucks that run on environmentally friendly green diesel fuel. We are passionate about customer service and have a well-earned reputation for dependability, consistency, and trustworthiness.

To find out why so many Colorado businesses do business with us, please contact us for a free quote.

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