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How To Choose Wisely When Choosing Bottled Water Coolers for Your Business

There are many reasons why Coloradans look for bottled water coolers for offices. Providing employees with easy access to cold and hot water on demand can keep them healthy and hydrated (a must in Colorado’s hot summers), increase productivity, and enhance collegiality in the workplace.

But with all the options, how can you ensure you choose the right equipment and delivery vendor for your specific business needs? Selecting the wrong options can easily overshadow the benefits and create unnecessary hassles for office managers and business owners.

If your company tasks you with upping its water game, here are three tips to help you make the right choice:

Do Homework About Your Options

Since you do not normally shop for bottled water coolers for offices, you are probably unfamiliar with the full range of options available. Free-standing bottled water coolers, bottled water crocks and stands, and countertop dispensers are just a few options. Each water dispensing option has unique features, advantages, and price points. You need to take the time to educate yourself about your bottled water cooler options to make the right choice.

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You can start your research by doing the same thing you do before most purchases. Search online and get familiar with the universe of bottled water dispensers. But while Googling “bottled water coolers for offices” will put valuable information in your hands, the search results will likely not answer your specific questions or guide you on what products and services are best suited to your company’s needs.

For that, you need to speak with an office breakroom and beverage expert.

Exploring Your Bottled Water Delivery Service Choices

Here on the Front Range of Colorado, there are plenty of choices when it comes to bottled water delivery service providers. But if you pick the wrong service or sign up with the first provider that you meet with, you may be selling yourself short.

The fact is that a company that delivers bottled water coolers for offices does a lot more than haul around giant jugs of purified water. You need a provider that will meet with you in person, for free, to better understand your company’s unique needs and priorities. You need honest recommendations based on those discussions without “upselling” you or pressuring you into buying a cooler or services you don’t need. You need reliable advice on whether leasing or purchasing your equipment makes more sense, and you need a custom bottled water delivery plan tailored to your requirements.

And that is just the beginning. Once that cooler is in your office, you need it to work reliably and consistently. You need regular deliveries with a sufficient supply of water based on your company’s consumption patterns. And you need that to happen without you having to pick up the phone to remind them to clean and maintain your cooler or make a delivery.

Quite simply, you need a Colorado Springs-based office water delivery company that is locally owned and family-managed. Only then can you ensure you receive everything you need – with refreshing, deliciously pure filtered water to seal the deal.

Ask Questions!

The best delivery companies for bottled water coolers for offices should be ready to give you answers to any questions you have – and you should have questions. These questions fall into four broad categories:

Questions About the Water

  • What is the source of your water?
  • What is your filtration process?
  • Does your water meet the criteria of the International Bottled Water Association?
  • How long does the water in a bottle stay fresh after opening?

Questions About the Company

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Where is your office located?
  • Where is your bottled water distribution center?
  • What other services and supplies do you offer?

clearly bottled water coolers for offices ask questionsQuestions About Service

  • How much water do we need, and how do you figure that out?
  • Where will you put the jugs you deliver, and what do we do when they’re empty?
  • What is my delivery schedule?
  • What if I need more or less bottled water on a specific delivery?
  • How do I arrange maintenance for service issues, and what is the turn-around time?

Questions About Pricing

  • Is there a bottle deposit fee, and is that refundable?
  • Do you run my business’ credit score as a condition of providing service?
  • What are the advantages of leasing bottled water coolers for offices instead of buying them?
  • How much will my first invoice be, and what can I expect for subsequent months?
  • Are maintenance and service of the bottled water cooler included in my price?
  • Do you provide auto-pay options?
  • How long is my commitment?

Bottled Water Coolers For Offices: Make The Right Call By Choosing The Right Company

At Clearly Colorado, we share a commitment to delivering the purest, highest quality water available on the Front Range using trucks that run on environmentally friendly green diesel fuel. We are passionate about customer service and have a well-earned reputation for dependability, consistency, and trustworthiness.

To find out why so many Colorado businesses do business with us, please contact us for a free quote.

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