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If you are wondering if the time has come to replace the office water cooler, the chances are that the answer is yes. This piece of office equipment may not be as exciting as some other office accessories, but the water cooler has the potential to improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. However, this unassuming device can become an unnecessary liability if you don’t take proactive measures.

If your water cooler isn’t functioning optimally or needs constant repairs, you likely need to replace it with a newer model. Here are four indicators indicating you need to replace the office water cooler sooner rather than later.

The Tap Leaks or Drips

A tap that leaks or drips is one of the first signs that the time has finally come to replace the office water cooler. Not only is this inconvenient and unsanitary, but a leaking tap also indicates that the water cooler may be in the beginning stages of failure. The cause could be a bad O-ring, corroded parts, or a stiff lever. The tap of a water cooler is a crucial component; if it fails to function correctly, the entire water cooler will break down and become unusable.

If you notice that your tap is leaking or dripping, call for repair or replacement.

The Water Cooler Leaks

Is there a pool of water around the water cooler’s base? Does the water cooler have condensation or sweat where there shouldn’t be any? Leaks can occur for various reasons, including cracks in the water dispenser support collar or the cold and hot water tanks inside the cooler’s housing. You should address leaks resulting from cracks as soon as possible because they can worsen over time. If the leak originates from the middle of the water cooler, the water pump may be broken.

Whatever the cause, leaks are a sure sign that your water cooler needs to be retired.

Cleaning is Difficult

Like most equipment in your break room, your water cooler needs regular cleaning. How often will depend on how many people use it and how frequently. But depending on the age of your current water cooler, you may notice that it’s extremely difficult to clean and refill. If the task’s difficulty keeps you from cleaning the water cooler as often as needed, you may want to consider replacing with a newer, easy-clean model.

Additionally, if the water cooler is hard to clean and fill, the cause could be corrosion in the water tank or a buildup of mineral deposits. These issues can be challenging to resolve. One way to tell if your office water cooler suffers from corrosion or mineral deposits is difficulty adjusting the water pressure. Adjusting the water pressure on a water cooler can be done by turning a valve, but an exceptionally stiff valve indicates the time has come to replace the office water cooler.

Clearly CO - constant repairs are a sign its time to replace the office water coolerConstant Repairs

A water cooler constantly undergoing repairs may not be worth the money and effort to fix. If you spend more time repairing your machine than drinking the water, you may want to consider shopping for a new one.

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How Long Do Office Water Coolers Last?

The lifespan of your office water cooler will vary based on the size of your business, the number of employees or customers and the quality of the machine. But on average, you should be able to rely on your office water cooler for five to ten years from the installation date.


The water cooler is the third most popular place for office workers to meet or socialize. When yours is showing any of the above signs, you may need to welcome a newer model into your office.

Of course, the water cooler is just the dispenser. What matters most is the pure, great-tasting water that comes from the water cooler’s tap. Clearly Colorado has been providing Colorado Springs and surrounding communities with pure, oxygenated drinking water free from chlorine, lead or organic contaminants for over 25 years.

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