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When choosing a bottled water delivery service, you want a provider that fits your budget and prioritizes water purity above all else – you want Clearly Colorado. What sets us apart as the premier water delivery service in Southern Colorado?

Our family-owned and operated bottled water delivery service has been providing Colorado Springs purified and oxygenated drinking water since 1997. Our focus is on delivering the best bottled drinking water to Colorado homes, offices, and pallets of water to job sites that combine nature’s purity with science’s advancements. This blog will explore how Clearly Colorado goes above and beyond the FDA and other standards for water purity.

Why Water Purity Matters

Before diving into how Clearly Colorado exceeds FDA standards for water purity, you need to understand why access to pure, oxygenated water is crucial for our well-being.

Water is an essential element for our bodies, making up about 60% of our total body weight. Water is essential for various bodily functions, such as circulation, digestion, temperature regulation, and waste removal.

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Yes, consuming clean and pure water is essential for maintaining good health.

Advanced Filtration Systems

Clearly Colorado utilizes advanced filtration systems to achieve water purity that exceeds FDA standards. The design of our multiple-stage filtration plant eliminates a wide range of impurities from the water, including chlorine, sediment, lead, and other contaminants.

The ultimate source of our water is the rain or snow that falls in Colorado’s national forests, far away from the pollution and contaminants of metro areas. Once collected in mountain lakes and reservoirs, aqueducts carry our source water to the Colorado Springs area, where our local state-of-the-art water filtration plant begins the purification process.

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Our water filtration plant utilizes advanced and innovative water purification methods to ensure the utmost water purity. Through several highly effective filtration stages, including cutting-edge reverse osmosis technology, we can eliminate over 99% of inorganic contaminants from the water. However, this is just the initial step in our comprehensive purification process!

Our plant also incorporates Ozone Injection and ultraviolet light exposure to guarantee the highest level of water purity. These additional measures effectively eradicate nearly all organic and microbiological contaminants in the water, such as bacteria, cryptosporidium, and other common impurities. The result is pure and oxygenated drinking water entirely free from chlorine, lead, or organic pollutants.

With our advanced techniques and dedication to quality, Clearly Colorado provides unparalleled water purity that exceeds FDA standards.

Rigorous Testing Process

Clearly Colorado further ensures the highest level of quality in our bottled water by voluntarily submitting our water to a rigorous testing process. We submit samples of our water to independent laboratories specializing in comprehensive tests to analyze the water for potential contaminants or impurities. The testing process includes examining the water for bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, and other harmful substances.

Clearly Colorado’s commitment to transparency is reflected in our willingness to share the test results with our customers. This level of accountability sets us apart from other water delivery services in Colorado.

Independent Certifications

In addition to surpassing FDA standards, Clearly Colorado holds various independent certifications that further validate the purification process for our water. Reputable organizations such as the Colorado State Health Department, the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), and other industry-leading organizations have certified our filtration process as producing the purest water.

Obtaining these certifications is one of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to delivering water that does more than meet industry requirements, but also exceeds the highest standards.

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Environmental Responsibility

In addition to ensuring water purity, Clearly Colorado is also committed to environmental responsibility. We recognize the import of preserving the natural resources and ecosystems that provide the foundation for our business and our lives, so we actively minimize the environmental impact of our business by using eco-friendly materials and promoting recycling initiatives.

We believe that sustainability is more than a buzzword; it is a responsibility every business should embrace. By choosing Clearly Colorado as your water delivery service, you are prioritizing your health and contributing to a greener future.

Clearly Colorado: Our Standard Is To Exceed Standards

Clearly Colorado’s commitment to exceeding FDA and other regulatory standards for water purity sets us apart as the premier bottled water delivery service in Colorado. Through a rigorous testing process, advanced filtration systems, independent certifications, and environmental responsibility, we ensure that every drop of water we deliver is of the highest quality.

Are you ready to taste the difference that pure, oxygenated water can have on your health? Then contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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