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There is a good chance that the statement “dehydration affects your body” is something you have heard before. But far beyond keeping the skin of Coloradoans clear of acne or helping us lose weight, more and more research shows that hydration through water plays an even bigger role in maintaining our most essential body functions.

Below we discuss 6 vital body functions that are affected by dehydration:

1. Brain Function

Did you wake up this morning feeling sluggish or foggy? Reach for a tall glass of water. The brain depends on hydration to function overall, but not drinking enough water may also cause a slew of annoying issues such as distractedness and forgetfulness. In fact, research by Cognitive Vitality, A Program of Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation confirms that drinking inadequate amounts of water can lead to impaired cognitive performance. Many scientists hypothesize that oxygen flow is reduced when the brain does not have a steady water supply, leading to the shrinking of neurons in the brain. In less scientific language, a thirsty brain is a distracted one.

Dehydration, which is common in dry climates like Colorado Springs and Denver, may even change the chemical makeup of your brain, leading to mood and anxiety problems. Without enough water, your energy levels decrease dramatically. A person who is tired all of the time is far more prone to issues such as depression and chronic fatigue. You may perceive challenges and tasks as more overwhelming and be more prone to giving up or procrastinating if you are not drinking enough water. Dehydration affects your body and your entire view of life and the way you interact with others.

2. Heart Function and Your Cardiovascular System

Staying hydrated might be the key to healing your broken heart. Or at least a physical heart connected to your cardiovascular system. Recent studies confirm that consistently staying hydrated can prevent heart failure.

When you are dehydrated, your bloodstream is affected dramatically. The volume of your blood decreases, resulting in higher concentrations of sodium, which in turn thickens the blood. This forces your heart to overwork itself trying to pump enough oxygen throughout your body via the bloodstream.

If you find yourself easily winded after taking a walk or going up a flight of stairs, you may be suffering from mild dehydration.

3. Kidney Function and Your Urinary System

Kidneys may not get as much attention as your heart and brain, but health-conscious individuals know that their kidneys are equally as important. Your kidneys act as a filter, removing waste from your bloodstream. The waste detained by the kidneys then leaves the body through urine. This efficient system quickly begins to shut down, however, when the body enters a state of dehydration. Without enough water, your kidneys are less able to filter toxins, and you may develop issues such as kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

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4. Joints and Orthopedic Health

Water is the most widely available lubricant on the planet earth, and the water you drink is constantly working to lubricate the mechanics of your skeletal system. In fact, the Synovial fluid that keeps your joints moving is made up of mostly water. Without enough water, you may experience increased joint or limb pain.

Dehydration Affects Your Body - Joints

5. Vision

Many Coloradoans do not know that dehydration affects their body in this primary function. If you are even slightly dehydrated, your body responds by conserving any fluid still available in the body. When you begin to feel thirsty, this process has already begun. Many people are unaware that dehydration also causes a decrease in or lack of tears. An eyeball without sufficient moisture is not lubricated to the degree necessary for good eye health. Dry, irritated eyes may ensue in the early stages. In more advanced stages, you may experience difficulty with your vision and an increased level of eye strain.

6. Your Digestive Tract

If you were on a healthy diet but neglected to drink enough water, your body would be unable to reap the maximum benefits from the nutrients you ingested. Drinking water before and after meals aids your body in the breakdown of food, and aids in cleaning out the large and small intestines and flushing out waste, relieving constipation and other bowel problems. Not only does water aid in digestion health, but drinking plenty of water may also help individuals who are seeking to manage their weight.

You can ensure that it is easy to have a glass of clean water with each meal, ensuring optimal digestion health, by contacting a dependable drinking water home delivery company.

The Takeaway: Dehydration Affects Your Body In Many Ways

Is there a part of your body not affected by dehydration? Not really! The human body is 60-80% water, and without enough of it your body begins functioning at sub-par levels. Some of the decreases in body function are hardly noticeable; however, consistent dehydration leads to a slew of problems that may decrease your quality of life noticeably. The six essential body functions mentioned above don’t even come close to listing all of the ways dehydration affects your body.

With these thoughts in mind, consider how clean, pure drinking water delivered by a trusted Colorado Springs bottled water service can make hydration easy for you and for your employees.  At Clearly Colorado, we have kept Southern Colorado hydrated for over 20 years. Our focus is, and always will be, providing the best drinking water created by nature and perfected by science. Call us today for your free in-office or in-home consultation, and find out how easy it can be to stay healthy and hydrated.

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