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Never has there been such an emphasis on water quality and taste, and water has become the beverage of choice for millions of Americans. But does anyone really remember the reasons they were told to drink water in the first place? The list below includes all of the best-known reasons to choose water as your main source of liquid refreshment.

The benefits of drinking water

1. Weight loss

As soon as you start a diet, no doubt all your friends and co-workers will be anxious to give you advice. But the #1 suggestion is to drink “a lot” of water. Water is a great partner to any weight loss program because it flushes out the by-products of fat breakdown. It also tricks the body into feeling full, which acts as a natural appetite suppressant. And don’t forget that water is calorie free, so you can drink as much of it as you like.

2. Natural Remedy

Some say water will help cure whatever ails you, but that is arguable. One thing it will do, however, is relieve common headaches and back pains related to dehydration. Few people know this, but dehydration is a contributing factor to headaches.

3. Younger-Looking Skin

Have you ever wondered why you look healthier and younger when your skin is properly hydrated? That’s because the body is made up of mostly water, and water helps to replenish skin naturally. Not only will it replace lost moisture in skin tissues; it also improves skin elasticity.

4. More Productive Workdays

Just like the rest of your body is made up of mostly water, so is your brain. As a result, the release of toxins and refreshment of H2O is bound to keep your brain functioning better. People who start drinking more water say they feel more alert, think faster, and concentrate for longer periods of time.

5. Improved Workouts

If you run, lift weights or do a lot of cardio, you know how overheated you can become. It’s no wonder we all reach for the water bottle at the gym; as the body overheats drinking water regulates body temperature and replaces water lost in perspiration. Water also helps to fuel muscle tissue faster. Also, proper hydration during strenuous exercise will keep muscles less cramped and joints more lubricated. As a result, water drinkers are less likely to suffer from common sports injuries.

6. Better Digestion

Anyone who suffers from indigestion will know about the importance of drinking water. While water may not stimulate the metabolism on its own; it can help keep the engines running smoothly by improving digestion. If you are consuming a lot of fiber to help with constipation, drinking water is an absolute necessity.

7. Better Overall Health

During cold and flu season, drinking plenty of water will help your immune system function better, but it also can help with more serious illnesses. For example, many people with respiratory disease, rheumatism and intestinal problems drink water with lemon. Many specialists regularly check with patients to ensure their water intake is sufficient.

8. Fatigue Buster

When you’re tired and worn out, you may benefit from drinking more water than usual. Lack of sleep isn’t the only cause of fatigue. When your body is dehydrated, your heart and other vital organs need to work harder, and when your organs are exhausted you will be too.

9. Mood Elevation

There may not be scientific proof that water makes you happier, but when your body feels right it is easier to be in a good mood.

10. Reduced Cancer Risk

Some studies suggest that a well hydrated body may be more resistant to colon or bladder cancer. Why? Because water dilutes any high concentrations of carcinogens in the urine and reduces the length of time these agents remain on the bladder lining.

11. Clearer Skin

Many dermatologists encourage patients to drink more water to reduce the frequency and severity of acne. People with chronic dry skin will also benefit from drinking more water.

Can you see the importance of water to your body after understanding the above benefits of drinking water? Looking at this list, it seems that the amount of water one drinks is directly related to their health, mood, energy level, weight and productivity. But it is also important to drink the right kind of water. Purified bottled water and mountain spring water are much better tasting than tap water, making it easier to drink in large quantities.