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Southern Colorado residents looking for ways to optimize their health should consider the many benefits of drinking purified water. Once thought to be only a staple of the office breakroom, purified water dispensers can bring healthy, delicious water into your home. Our list of 5 benefits of drinking purified water will convince you why you need to upgrade from tap water.

The Dangers of Tap Water

While Colorado Springs and Denver tap water might be cleaner than that found in other parts of the country, Colorado tap water does contain various additives and contaminants, such as:

Fluoride: Sometimes added to prevent cavities, fluoride can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems when ingested long term.

Disinfection Byproducts: Probably the riskiest additive in tap water, these byproducts result from the use of chlorine to kill harmful bacteria in the water. Disinfection byproducts are linked to an increased risk of cancer development and kidney and liver problems.

Lead, Aluminum and Arsenic: These contaminants, typically produced by older pipes, contribute to the risk of cancer development, learning disabilities in children, sleep problems and liver disease.

Choosing a Colorado Springs water dispenser for your home will quickly improve your water quality and result in the removal of the most dangerous contaminants. But there are even more benefits of drinking purified water at home.

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Proper Hydration

Drinking purified water is one of the best ways to receive the many health benefits that come with proper hydration, including:

  • Body detoxification
  • Proper functioning of the kidneys and the other excretory organs
  • Healthy and beautiful skin
  • Decreased risk of experiencing muscle and joint inflammation
  • Improved circulation
  • Healthy body weight and lower risk of obesity

Mineral-Rich Water

Naturally occurring minerals play a vital role in maintaining your overall health. Home water delivery in Colorado Springs and Denver gives you access to contaminant-free, mineral-rich water. Clearly Colorado’s filtration and purification process removes chlorine, limescale, toxins, heavy metals and bacteria from your drinking water, leaving essential minerals and micronutrients intact.

Improved Digestion

It is a fact of human nature that few people want to ingest anything that has an unpleasant aftertaste or smell, and drinking low-quality or poor-tasting water is no exception to this rule. And yet, without consuming enough water daily, our bodies quickly become dehydrated, which leads to various digestive problems, including irregular bowel movements and constipation.

Increasing the amount of purified water you consume will regulate the functioning of the digestive tract. In addition, staying hydrated will prevent the over-absorption of various harmful substances found in some foods.

Finally, drinking purified water will remove the harmful bacteria that could contribute to gastrointestinal infections that lead to severe dehydration.

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Healthy Babies are just one benefits-of-drinking-purified-waterYour Baby and Purified Water

Are you one of the thousands of Coloradoans relying on formula to feed your baby? If so, having access to purified water to mix with the formula will be an essential part of guaranteeing the health of your little one. Contaminated water, including tap water high in fluoride, can have severe health consequences for infants because their digestive tracts are not yet fully developed.

Choosing the right home purified water delivery service allows you to make your baby’s food the best it can possibly be. After all, healthy babies are happy babies!


From kidney function to your digestive tract, one of the ways that dehydration affects your body is by preventing the natural processes for detoxification. The fact is, our body needs water to aid in proper detoxification.

But ask yourself, if the water you are drinking contains a medley of contaminants and toxins itself, how can that water flush toxins from your system?? The answer? It can’t. At least, not to the level that purified, filtered water can when consumed regularly.

With So Many Benefits Of Drinking Purified Water At Home, What Are You Waiting For?

After reviewing these benefits of drinking purified water, are you ready to level up your drinking water at home? If so, contact Clearly Colorado today for a free quote. From our signature drinking water home delivery service to our filtered water dispenser rentals, we guarantee that you and your family will taste the benefits of purified water.

Clearly Colorado. Clearly, Pure Water.

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