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3 Tips to Keep You Healthy in the Winter including Staying Hydrated

1. Take a Vitamin D Supplement

“Recent studies by Springer, and research results reported in the New England Journal of Medicine and by the Vitamin D Council, are indicating a link to depression….The lower the Vitamin D level, the greater the chance of depression.” –Pyschology Today

It’s tough to get adequate amounts of sunshine when you’re all covered up throughout the winter. If you can, get a little sunshine on your face and arms throughout the day. Otherwise, a vitamin D supplement can help keep your body healthy and ward off winter depression. Depression can lead to overeating and bad eating habits. For optimal health, you must get proper amounts of vitamin D.

2. Join a Health Club

“In fact, just maintaining regular, moderate exercise can offer us protection against colds and flu.  A recent study of 50 women, who walked faithfully 5 days a week, showed that they suffered half as many colds as ones who had no exercise at all.  Their immune systems were healthier, indicating more virus and bacteria- fighting cells.” – FitWatch.com

Working out in the winter is incredibly important for overall health. Not only does working out help minimize your likelihood of developing depression, but it also helps protect your body against colds and the flu. Working out regularly will help keep you fit, happy and healthier.

3. Drink Plenty of Purified Water

The Institute of Medicine has recommended adequate intake (AI) values for total water at levels to prevent dehydration. The AI for men aged 19+ is 3.7 liters each day, and 3 liters (13 cups) of which should be consumed as beverages. The AI for women aged 19+ is 2.7 liters about 2.2 liters (9 cups) of which should be consumed as beverages each day. – USDA.gov

Winter cold can be just as dehydrating as summer heat but we tend to drink less water in the winter. This can result in a higher likelihood of health problems such as: cracked lips and skin, depression, fatigue, overeating, weight gain, water retention and headaches. The importance of drinking adequate water cannot be understated. Keep bottled water or have a reverse osmosis system installed in your Colorado Springs home to help encourage you to drink enough water in the winter.