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As a local veteran-owned and family-managed business, Clearly Colorado is your trusted partner in ensuring an uninterrupted supply of pristine, locally sourced bottled water at your doorstep.

This month’s blog article outlines the many advantages of choosing Clearly Colorado for all of your bottled water needs—whether in your home, at your office, or on your worksite.

The Perks of Choosing a Locally Sourced Bottled Water Delivery Service

Choosing a locally sourced bottled water delivery service is not only about quenching your thirst with great-tasting purified water. At Clearly Colorado, we know water is the foundation for a lifestyle prioritizing health, convenience, and environmental sustainability.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider a water delivery service:

Nature and Science – The Winning Combination for Great Tasting Water

Water is a vital part of our daily lives, and the quality of water we consume directly impacts our health. With our water delivery service, you can be sure of drinking water that is fresh, pure, and free from harmful contaminants. This is because we source our water from local springs. And Colorado’s natural water sources combine with our state-of-the-art purification process to ensure you receive the best-tasting purified water possible.

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Convenience at Its Best

With a locally sourced bottled water delivery service in Colorado Springs and Denver, you no longer have to worry about running out of water before important client meetings or making last-minute trips to the store. We deliver water right to your office, home or worksite, saving you time and effort, and we place the bottles exactly where you want them.

Our flexible delivery schedules mean you can arrange deliveries at a time that suits you best.

Supporting the Local Economy

By choosing Clearly Colorado, you are supporting a local Southern Colorado business.

Unlike national chains run by corporations, Clearly Colorado is family-owned and family-run and located right here in Colorado Springs. Our love for and commitment to our community drive us to supply our neighbors with the best-tasting, locally sourced bottled water at an affordable price, delivered with a smile.

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clearly co locally sourced bottled water in environmentally sustainable trucks

The Clearly Green Choice for Water Delivery

One of the critical advantages of our locally sourced bottled water is the positive impact our delivery services have on our local environment. We prioritize the use of reusable bottles, which significantly reduces the waste associated with single-use plastic bottles.

Clearly Colorado’s trucks may be red, but we heart green! Our locally sourced bottled water – delivered by local drivers – reduces the carbon footprint of transporting water long distances. But our dedication to preserving our beautiful environment in Colorado doesn’t stop there.

All Clearly Colorado delivery trucks run on clean diesel, which means they produce significantly fewer carbon emissions than ordinary diesel engines.

Our Locally Sourced Bottled Water Delivery Staff is Not Paid on Commission

Clearly Colorado does not pay our delivery drivers based on commission. Why does this matter?

Many other water delivery services pay drivers on a per-bottle sold basis. The drivers are then vested in leaving you more water than you can consume or store in your home or business, charging you for that privilege.

On the other hand, our philosophy is that you should never be upsold on water just so a driver can return with an empty truck. This is one of the ways that we ensure exceptional customer service.

Delivery Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every customer is unique, so we offer solutions for your specific needs.

Whether you need drinking water home delivery, office water delivery, or pallets of water delivered to a worksite or event, we have you covered. We also offer filtered water dispenser rentals, providing a convenient and easy way to access great-tasting purified water anytime – taking the term “locally sourced bottled water” to another level.

The Clearly Colorado Difference – Keeping It Local

At Clearly Colorado, we founded our veteran-owned and family-operated business on the principle of treating others as we would like to be treated. That means that we provide the highest-quality, locally sourced bottled water at the best price. Our price-for-life guarantee means that our customers can easily include great-tasting water in their monthly budget.

Our commitment to delivering the best and most pure drinking water and our dedication to supporting the local community sets us apart. We understand the importance of reliable service and a personal touch and take pride in being Southern Colorado’s trusted source for hydration.

Are you ready to see how Clearly Colorado can make a clear difference in your life? Contact us today for your free quote.