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During the processing stage, water companies treat the water with a variety of chemicals intended to remove or neutralize contaminants in the water. However, not all of these contaminates are removed or neutralized during the water treatment process. The contaminants left behind, along with residuals from some of the chemicals used to treat the water and other contaminants, find their way into our water through the very pipes that bring them into our neighborhood homes and businesses.

Pipes can have unknown leaks or breaks which allow environmental pollutants to infiltrate the water, or pipes can be encased in materials that can leech harmful substances into the water as it is carried to its destination. Sometimes a chemical taste or a distinctive odor of chlorine can be detected when drinking tap water. It is difficult to determine whether your home or business pipe system is safe. Contaminants in tap water are small particles that are not easily seen unless you hold your glass of water upwards toward a light source. If you do this with a glass of tap water from your home or your office you may be surprised and concerned about what you see.

Most healthy people with strong immune systems will not experience serious health problems from drinking these contaminants, and that is a potential reason water companies can get away with low standards. However, the elderly, children, and people whose immune systems are not healthy can be especially vulnerable to the harmful affects of the contaminants found in tap water. These individuals should not drink water from a tap unless a filter has been installed, however the safest solution is to avoid tap water altogether.

Filters installed on faucet taps do filter out many, but not all contaminates found in tap water. A healthier alternative for you and your family is to use bottled water in place of the tap water that you have been using for drinking, brewing coffee, adding to food and drink mixes, cooking, brushing teeth, bathing, and even for providing water to your pets. When you dine out, insist that the restaurant use bottled water when preparing and cooking your meals and that any water brought to the table for drinking is from bottled water. There is no reason to place your health and the health of your family at risk by dining at establishments that use tap water for cooking and for customers to drink at their table.

The manufacturers of bottled water work under the strictest of standards. Before it can be offered for sale to consumers as “bottled water”, the water must be as contaminate-free as possible. There are multiple steps involved in the processing of water intended for human consumption before it can bottled and made for sale. The containers used to hold the water during transit to selling points or storage are designed to maintain the integrity of the water until it is consumed. These strict standards are followed and met before the bottled water can be offered for sale to consumers. This may indicate that the manufacturing of bottled water is not easy on the bottling companies, but it ensures that the highest quality standards are being met and that consumers have a healthier choice made available to them in the water they drink for refreshment and for health.

Many top manufacturers of bottled water now offer varieties of bottled water containing healthy additives like, vitamins and minerals to boost the healthful benefits of bottled water even further. If you are getting enough vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat or from vitamin supplements, you may not be interested in the new varieties containing vitamins with minerals added to them. The fact is your body needs water, 8 to 10 servings of at least 8 ounces each, every day for survival and proper body and organ functions. Give your body and health the benefits of bottled water and never drink tap water again.

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