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If you are looking for ways to shed the unwanted COVID-“19 pounds” gained during the pandemic, you may be wondering, will drinking more water help you lose weight? The short answer is yes, it will! 

In this month’s blog, we are answering why drinking water will help you lose weight, when to drink it, and where is the best place to top off your water bottle?

Why Drink Water For Weight Loss?

There are many reasons why drinking more water should be an important part of your weight-loss strategy, but we will focus on just 2: (1) water helps you reduce your calorie intake by making you feel full (more about that later), and (2) water stimulates waste removal from your body.

Did you know that the average adult human body is made up of close to 60% water? When you consider that all our organs, joints, muscles and cells rely on water to work correctly, the idea that staying hydrated can help us lose excess pounds and maintain a healthy weight makes sense.  Not only does it make you feel hydrated, but water also flushes toxins from your liver. 

Think about it. The liver produces bile, which breaks down fat. When the liver is clogged with toxins it isn’t functioning at peak capacity. Drinking water helps to release these toxins, thereby helping vital organs more efficiently. 

Basically, water can help you lose weight because when our bodies are hydrated, we shed water weight, and we avoid the bloated feelings of constipation. 

When To Drink Water

Remember how we mentioned earlier that water helps you reduce your calorie intake by making you feel full? Specifically, drinking water at the following times can boost your metabolism and prevent you from over-indulging in fatty foods:

Before Meals

Drinking water 30 minutes before you eat will fill your stomach and leave it with less room to be hungry. Water can suppress hunger because it makes you feel full. When you’re full, you’re less likely to continue to eat – even if you really like what you’re eating. 

Drinking water before a meal will also help aid digestion. If you have a cafeteria in your work building, be sure to fill up your bottle at the water cooler on your way down.

During Meals

It is no secret that replacing your can of soda at lunchtime with a glass of water can have tremendous health benefits. Not only will you reduce your caloric and sugar intake, but you will also keep those digestive juices flowing. 

If a straight swap of water for soda seems hard, try ordering a glass of water in addition to your soda. After the soda is gone, drink your glass of water before ordering a refill of your favorite Coke or Pepsi product. 

Throughout The Day

Why Water Help You Lose WeightAn increased intake of water will help you lose weight by keeping you full throughout the day. Do you ever feel really hungry just an hour after you ate lunch? If you didn’t drink any water before, during or after the meal, could it be that you’re not hungry but that you’re becoming dehydrated? Your body’s signal to say it is thirsty is the same as the signal that tells you that you are hungry. By drinking water steadily throughout the day you can know that when you feel hunger pains you actually are hungry, and not because you need some water.

Click here for more helpful tips on how to safely increase your water intake.

Another positive way that drinking water helps you lose weight when consumed throughout the day is that by spacing out how often you drink water, your body will continuously feel replenished and will release excess water, which helps you to lose any unnecessary water weight (and stave off the dreaded constipation). Your body doesn’t trigger you to feel thirsty unless it’s depleted, so by making an effort to drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty, your body won’t retain water because it will know you’ll replenish it.

Where To Drink Water

The answer to the question of where to drink water to help you lose weight is easy: everywhere! A great way to increase the amount of water you consume is by keeping water easily accessible at your desk at work, in your refrigerator and in your car. When water is the first thing you see, it will soon become the healthiest of your habits. As part of a balanced diet and exercise, water can indeed help you lose weight.

Helping Our Community Stay Healthy And Hydrated

At Clearly Colorado, our Southern Colorado water delivery company has been helping our community stay healthy and hydrated since the 1990s. Contact us today for a free in-home or in-office drinking water consultation, and see why Clearly Colorado drinking water is clearly different.

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