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Life Is Too Short To Drink Bad Coffee

In a Colorado business or office, a "perfect pot of coffee" can dramatically improve employees' attitudes and job satisfaction, not to mention impress current and potential clients.  clearly colorado is extremely pleased to offer your business the secret combination that produces the "perfect" pot of coffee every time.

Why Most Office Coffee Tastes Terrible

There are three reasons most office coffee tastes terrible.

  • The first reason involves the warming process. The typical commercial drip coffee maker brews the coffee into an open pot that sits on a hot burner for an indeterminate amount of time.  Unfortunately, in just 20 minutes on the hot burner, coffee develops a distinctively burnt and bitter taste.
  • Second, most office coffee tastes horrible because of the coffee itself. Most commercial coffee services provide pre-ground, packaged coffee made from low-quality beans that were roasted in the previous millennium.
  • Third, the water used to make the coffee contains innumerable impurities that spoil the taste of the coffee, no matter the quality of the beans.

The Secret to the Perfect Pot of Coffee

The perfect pot of coffee begins with the beans--the freshest possible. Coffee connoisseurs know that once roasted, coffee beans will begin to lose their distinct flavor and enticing aroma.  For this reason, we roast and grind our own coffee every week so we can deliver it immediately to your business or home office.

Since 98 percent of a cup of coffee is water, the second most important ingredient to ensure a perfect pot of coffee is good old H2O. If your current water supply is less-than-tasty, we offer a number of water filtration systems that can be directly attached to your coffee brewer.  Our filtration systems deliver delicious, clean water that is contamination-free and ensures every pot of coffee tastes fantastic!

Finally, you must have the proper brewer and the ability to store the finished product properly. Our line of commercial drip coffee makers brew your coffee quickly and at the perfect temperature.  The finished product - a delicious pot of coffee - is then stored in an airtight thermos carafe that does not cook the flavor out of the beverage.  Indeed, the coffee stays fresh for hours, saving money on brew that was previously thrown out because it became bitter and unpalatable after sitting on a hot burner for hours.  The portable carafe also means you can enjoy fresh coffee in meetings or at your desk.

Stop suffering with bad-tasting office coffee and start enjoying -

  • incredible flavor
  • no burning
  • less waste 
  • more convenience

- all at a very attractive price.

Learn more about our Colorado Spring office coffee service.