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What is better than having crisp, fresh, deliciously pure filtered water always on hand for your drinking delight? A refreshingly ice cold glass of pure filtered water.

As you’ve made the health and taste conscious switch to filtered water for your home or office, what good is this switch if your ice cubes are still created with tap water of questionable quality and taste?

Adding commercial ice maker machines to your life is the logical next step in your refreshment revolution. Sleek, efficient, modern and stylish these fabulous machines offer the very best in ice enjoyment. If you are one of the millions of people who love to chew crushed ice with your beverages the 7 Series Family of countertop, under counter and freestanding models are a perfect fit.

A Different Kind of Ice Maker

The attractive offerings of the 7 series line have a number of features that set them apart from other commercial ice maker machines. The narrow footprint of the counter top and under counter models will fit on virtually any standard counter.

Freestanding models include a base cabinet and the drain-free design allows your dispenser to be placed absolutely anywhere that a water line can be placed. Within the ice making module is leak detection to cut back on waste or unneeded mess.

Both water and energy efficient, any of the 7 Series family of commercial ice maker machines will use as little as one-third the water and one-half the electricity found in the typical office or commercial ice maker machine. For an extra bit of green technology they also all offer an easy energy saving sleep mode! With the drainless design that all models feature, installation and maintenance is a breeze.

The 7 Series Family of commercial ice maker machines have the benefit of Chewblet® ice, which has been taste-tested to be “much more enjoyable to chew” and cooled beverages “better for longer”. You have the option of choosing an ice only or ice and water dispensers that will produce up to 125 pounds of Chewblet ice in 24 hours.

They offer a storage capacity of 7 pounds of delicious, pure, clean ice. the 7 Series is designed to serice up to 25 people and can supply up to 185 servings (a serving being a n 16 ounce up half full of ice) every single day!

7 Series Ice Maker Machines Benefits

Just a recap of all the great benefits of this awesome ice maker.

  • Narrow Footprint
  • Drain-free design - Put your Ice Maker Anywhere!
  • Leak Detection
  • Water & Energy Efficient
  • Sleep Mode!
  • Chewblet Ice
  • Produce 125 lbs of ice in 24 hours!

Learn more about our office ice making machines.

These attractive, modern and high-quality commercial ice maker machines are as enjoyable to look at as they are to operate. Don’t delay, contact Clearly Colorado today to find out how to get one of these revolutionary ice makers in your home or business today!