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One of the best ways to spice up your Colorado Front Range office breakroom is with a high-quality bean to cup coffee machine, such as the Cafection Encore 29, a top-of-the-line coffee machine.

Having an attractive break room keeps employee morale high, encourages them to stay in for their breaks, and helps you show them you care about their well being. Investing in a high-end coffee machine can be the ticket to your workplace productivity success.

Read on to learn more about the Cafection Encore 29.

The Basics of the Cafection Encore 29

The Cafection Encore 29 is built to be the ultimate in space-saving coffee production. The machine is only 29 inches tall and encased in elegant aluminum.

The main screen is 18.5 inches wide for maximum visibility, and the machine is capable of fitting up to a 7.75-inch mug. What really sets the Encore apart from other coffee solutions is the vast cup customizability, ease of maintenance, and environmentally friendly design choices.

Bean to Cup Customizability

The Cafection Encore 29 is designed to instantly grind whole coffee beans for the freshest cup of coffee possible. The Encore 29’s storage can hold three different types of bean, including decaf, and three soluble products.

The customizability of the Encore 29 lets you offer all-day refreshments to lovers of dark roasts or deliciously light lattes. You can choose from a variety of different drink options and other customizable features.

You can make cappuccinos, lattes, Americanos, and lots of flavored coffee beverages.

Easy Maintenance

If you’ve worked with commercial coffee machines before, you are aware of the cleaning and maintenance process, which can be an issue for some offices. When you work with Clearly Colorado and invest in their coffee machines for your office, their team will provide maintenance services and take the load off your shoulder.

The Encore 29 is designed to be cleaned daily easily and uses highly modular parts for quick repairs. The Encore 29 is always connected to Cafection through a built-in cellular modem.

The continuous digital connection from the machine to the manufacturer allows the machine to instantly notify the factory when a warranty repair is required and dispatch parts or a maintenance representative before you even know there’s a problem.

The Encore 29 sits on four-inch legs that leave a very accessible gap, which lets you wipe up any spillage in seconds.

Sustainability Considerations

One of the most significant buzz words lately with industry standards is carbon footprint reduction. Your Front Range employees care about the impact their choices have on the Rocky Mountains and the rest of the planet, so make sure their daily coffee break fits their ethical views.

The Encore 29 is designed from the top down with environmentally friendly features. The Encore 29 is fully NSF-4 compliant and is certified by NAMA’s (National Automatic Merchandising Association) Service Mark. The machine’s filter is made of biodegradable paper, and the only waste product it generates is compostable coffee grounds.

When you pair the Encore 29 with your employee’s personal mugs, you don’t even have to deal with disposable cup waste. Reducing waste is just the first step; of course, the Cafection also lowers energy usage.

The Encore 29 has a built-in sleep mode that activates after a period of inactivity. This means all those afternoons, evenings, and weekend days will be spent without consuming power. To wake the machine up, simply touch the main screen and make your selection.

Choose a Quality Machine You’d Drink From

The best metric to use when picking out a breakroom coffee machine is whether you’d drink from it yourself. Make sure you treat your employees to the kind of delicious beverages you’d go for to keep your own motor running.

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