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When people in Colorado Springs and Denver are weighing their options for mountain drinking water delivery vs. purified drinking water, they are thrilled to learn that they can get the best of both worlds in one product. While there are different types of drinking water you can buy in Colorado, purified water that also happens to come from the mountains proves to be one of the best options.

If you’re looking for a home water delivery or office beverage services in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas, read on to discover what you need to know about choosing purified drinking water from the mountains.

The Benefits of Purified Mountain Drinking Water Delivery

Clearly Colorado purifies mountain drinking water from the Colorado Rockies using the highest-tech water filtration technology available. While drinking purified water can certainly quench your thirst, the benefits of clean water go far beyond this. Here are just a few reasons why purified water is the best choice:

1. Less Chlorine

Chlorine is great if you want to disinfect your swimming pool or hot tub, but should you be drinking it? Probably not! Unfortunately, many Colorado municipalities including El Paso County use chlorine as an additive to disinfect tap water. The purifying process can reduce the chlorine and other chemicals in your drinking water by up to 99%.

Related: El Paso County Colorado Water Quality FAQs (new window).

2. No Dirty Pipes

Most water has to travel quite a distance from its source to your home’s tap. When you think about it, the water you drink could be traveling miles through old and rusty pipes. You may not see bits of sand, dirt, and rust in your water, but a filter on a typical tap will trap some gross stuff. If you use a Colorado mountain drinking water delivery service, you can put this disturbing thought out of your mind.

3. Fewer Bacteria

Chemicals and dirt aside, there may also be harmful bacteria in unpurified water. No one in Colorado Springs and Denver regions wants to think about little beasties swimming in their water, particularly when everyone is working so hard to stay healthy and safe due to the coronavirus. Thankfully, purified water doesn’t have these issues since many impurities, such as bacteria and parasites, are removed to make the water safe.

4. More Essential Minerals

While the drinking water purification process removes bad stuff, like pollutants and fungi, it also retains some of the things that can keep you healthy and strong. Specifically, Colorado mountain drinking water that has been purified will be packed with essential minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium. Again, staying hydrated and in good health should be a top priority in the age of COVID-19.

5. Better Taste and Smell

No one wants to drink terrible tasting water or use water that has a funky smell. Fortunately, purified drinking water attracts people because it tastes great, feels refreshing, and won’t offend your sense of smell.

Mountain Drinking Water Delivery Options

When you choose mountain drinking water delivery for your home or office, the bottled water dispensers come in several sizes and shapes. Most choose a 5-gallon bottle, which gets placed into a dispenser. Some products can even dispense hot or cold purified drinking water via a hand-operated spigot.

Our Denver and Colorado Springs clients can select from a wide variety of countertop water dispensers, freestanding water coolers, bottled water stands and crocks, and point-of-use filtered water dispensers. You can choose to have as few as five bottles of water at a time delivered every few weeks, and you’ll receive discounts for larger quantities.


If you’re looking for mountain drinking water delivery, Clearly Colorado serves home and business clients throughout Colorado. Our purified drinking water is certified by the Colorado State Health Department, which follows the rigorous guidelines of the FDA and IBWA.

We are a Colorado locally owned and operated business with a passion for high-quality products and services. Contact us today to get a free quote on our home and business water delivery service.

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