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While federal law doesn’t require businesses to give their employees lunch or coffee breaks, making sure your employees remain productive and happy is possible at your Colorado Springs business with great break room ideas.

With the right break room ideas, you can give your employees a place to relax and decompress without having to step out of the office into the ever-changing Colorado climate. Read our blog to learn what you can implement in your office.

Hire a Local Colorado Springs High-Quality Coffee Delivery Service

If you want to have the ultimate employee break room, you have to have a reliable beverage delivery service to ensure you have the latest and greatest brews on the Front Range.

Coffee is the lifeblood of your workforce. If your employees head out of the building to grab a cup, it sacrifices twenty to thirty minutes worth of productivity.

The kind of beverages you offer also is a reflection of the kind of culture you want to have at your office. If you don’t want your employees to do tasteless work, don’t feed them flavorless coffee.

Let your guests and employees know that you’re a bold and premium business. Invest in a quality office coffee machine to make sure each employee can pour their perfect brew every break.

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Position Furniture to Foster Communication

If your office break room idea includes the option of being a place for effective communication, you need to set up furniture that allows people to sit together comfortably.

Instead of relying on your office water cooler to be the hub for employee chatter, consider purchasing comfy couches and a couple of chairs and positioning them around a coffee table to encourage people to sit and stay awhile to discuss the big Rockies or Broncos game that happened over the weekend. You can also invest in a round table so that people will feel like they can talk to each other while they’re eating lunch.

Make Sure the Break Room is Away from Everything Else

When brainstorming your break room idea, don’t forget to consider the amount of noise your employees might make. You don’t want your break room space to become a sore spot for the people who have to work near it. Try to position your break room space so that people who are at their computer won’t be able to hear any noise coming from it.

The placement of your office break room is particularly important if you choose to use the space for conversation, games, and activities.

Offer Games and Activities to Build Teamwork

There are so many different ways to add games and activities into your break room idea. If you have enough room, you can purchase a ping pong table for the office.

Or, purchase a bookcase and fill it with all sorts of games that people played in their childhood as well as some of the new meme and quote card games that have come out recently.

Finally, your break room space is also a place to feature a bulletin board that tells your employees about other activities going on in your area and ways to get more involved with the company.

More Break Room Ideas and Solutions

If you want your employees to be productive and happy, then creating a great break room space in your office is a fantastic idea for your Colorado Springs business. The break room ideas in this post will bring your employees and guests satisfaction. But there are even more steps you can take to create an ideal working environment.

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