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There has been worrying news in the national and Colorado media recently about forever chemicals in tap drinking water. Otherwise known as PFAS chemicals, these substances are not only in our environment but in the human body, too. The term “PFAS” is short for “perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances.” These include chemicals, such as Gen X, PFOA, and PFOS. All these substances have superstrong carbon and fluorine bonds. These bonds are what make it so hard for them to break down in the environment and the body.

What Should I Know About PFAS Chemicals in Tap Drinking Water?

Numerous industries use PFAS chemicals as they can repel water and oil. These chemicals have been around for more than 70 years and are in many familiar products. These include cleaning products, firefighting foam, food packaging, paints, stain repellents, and Teflon products.

Scientific research has shown that exposure to PFAS chemicals causes potentially negative health impacts. These problems include thyroid disease, liver damage, high cholesterol levels, decreased fertility, hormone suppression, obesity, and cancer. With this in mind, it is no wonder these chemicals concern so many people. What can we do to remove them from our Colorado tap drinking water?

Can Water Filter Pitchers Remove PFAS Chemicals in Tap Drinking Water?

Many people have drinking water filter pitchers in their homes. They may think that these filters can get rid of the PFAS chemicals in their tap drinking water. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Common brands, such as Pur and Brita, are very effective at removing contaminants, such as heavy metals, from drinking water. They can also make your water taste better by removing chlorine. However, they can’t remove PFAS chemicals. In fact, they can’t even reduce the concentration of those chemicals in tap water.

Luckily,  there is another solution for your home. A different type of drinking water filtration system can remove PFAS chemicals effectively – reverse osmosis filters.

What Are Reverse Osmosis Filters?

The EWG (Environmental Working Group) is an organization that works for public health advocacy. This group has called for greater regulation when it comes to PFAS chemicals. The EWG has also recommended that more people invest in reverse osmosis filters for their homes and businesses. Reverse osmosis, known as RO, is the “gold standard” of in-house drinking water filtration.

RO filters work by forcing the water through a special membrane that can trap contaminants. It filters impurities, including PFAS chemicals, out of the water. Then, it flushes them away and down the drain. Now you’re left with clean, pure drinking water.

Installing Reverse Osmosis Filters

Whether at home or in the workplace, having clean and pure drinking water free of contaminants is essential. At Clearly Colorado, we can supply filtered water dispensers with reverse osmosis filters that remove chemicals in tap drinking water. Whatever your drinking water requirements are, contact us today for a free quote on home and business water filtration dispensers. We look forward to helping you enjoy healthy, safe drinking water at any time of the day.

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