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Most workers don’t want to get up or stop what they’re doing to get a glass of water to stay hydrated, but by the time he or she has even mild thirst, it’s a sign of dehydration in the body. Unfortunately, even mild dehydration can affect your or your employees’ productivity. Bodies are made up of almost 70 percent water, while the brain is made up of up to 85 percent water. This means that even a small lack of hydration can affect the function of the body in a great way. Starting at one percent dehydration, hand and eye coordination is weakened. When an employee is working on something that requires an intense amount of concentration or steadiness, this can not just affect their ability to work, it can affect your company. An easy solution to the problem is to have an office water delivery service provide bottleless water coolers. Although it is an extra expense to provide something other than tap water in an actual building, it can help you to save money long term. Losing contracts, having projects take longer than their deadlines and even sick days can all sometimes be prevented by keeping employees healthy. Providing clean, filtered water to them will help them to stay focused, stop wasting time and to keep from getting sick. Sometimes the cost of what seems like a luxury can actually be an investment.

Money savings from using a Colorado Springs water delivery company extends quite a bit to the energy level and productivity of employees. Virtually all of us have experienced that dreaded afternoon drop in energy, and there are simple ways to avoid that for some employees. Visiting the office’s bottleless water cooler is an easy way to keep workers in the office and at their desks getting things done, rather than heading to Starbucks for a daily afternoon coffee run. Irritability, yawning and even headaches can be prevented if employees are staying hydrated, so it makes sense to help keep that from happening by using water coolers throughout the building to encourage employees to drink up.

Not all jobs are inside, either. Many workers in construction, landscaping, farming and even at restaurants often spend times in hot, draining conditions. Whether it’s the heat from the sun or the heat from a grill, it’s likely these workers will sweat much more, as well as export more physical energy during their working shifts. Sweating or working out while not drinking enough water is the easiest and quickest way to become dehydrated, but employers can easily nip it in the butt. Don’t let a worker’s excuse of forgetting their water bottle become a reason for them to become dehydrated. By using a Colorado Springs water delivery service to provide bottleless water coolers, you’re showing your employees how important it is to take care of themselves. This can also keep you from dealing with things like heat exhaustion, which is very real and very common in the summer months for outdoor workers. Encouraging employees to go inside to take a break and get water will actually keep their productivity while on the job up.

An important thing to remember is how dry the air in Colorado is and how that can affect your employees more than in other states. The average humidity level in Colorado is about 50, whereas states like California sit in the 60’s and 70’s, and even more humid states can easily boast a humidity level of 80. That’s not to say that workers in humid states don’t need to drink water too – the more you sweat, the more you need to replenish – but in Colorado any extra water isn’t staying in your body, and combining that with any type of sweating from activity can be a recipe for a lack of hydration and a need for more water breaks. As an employer in Colorado Springs it’s important to think of what’s best for your employees and provide them with something that is truly beneficial to their concentration and health, rather than just filling a refrigerator with sodas and juices.

Office water delivery is affordable and while it may seem like a luxury, it is actually both a necessity and investment. Some offices stalk individual bottles of water but if employees aren’t drinking the entire bottle, it’s a waste of money for you and the bottle is bad for the environment. A water cooler allows employees to fill up a cup or bottle as much as they’d like and as often as they want to. This keeps employers from constantly buying bottles of water and keeps employees from contributing more waste with the bottles. The best part about using these services and leasing a bottleless water machine is that often times the water delivery company will handle the maintenance and repairs of the machine, and can also provide the accessories needed to make your water accessible to employees, such as cups, stands and easy to use coolers.