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Some of the signs of mild to moderate dehydration are as follows: hangover like headaches, visual snow or “floaters”, mild dizziness, tiredness, dry mouth, irritability, and in some cases insomnia. Humans are literally fluid creatures, an adult body is on average comprised of 62% water. Our brains are 75% water, our blood 80% and lean muscle is 70%. What this means is that even a 1% to 2% drop in hydration can effect every single aspect of our bodies and how they function.

Mild dehydration also slows down our metabolism by 3%. Are one of the millions of Americans keeping an eye on your waistline? An easy way to boost your weight loss is adding two or three glasses of refreshing, pure filtered water to your daily routine!

Why are we so chronically dehydrated given that very few of us has limited access to liquid refreshment? Simply, most of our beverages of choice actually dehydrate us, especially what we reach for when that unexplained fatigue kicks in. Energy drinks, coffee, diet or regular sodas – anything carbonated or caffeinated have a dehydrating effect on our bodies. This effect is sometimes negated by the fluid content but after a few cups of coffee or sodas that diuretic effect kicks in. Since rehydrating yourself lifts fatigue, why not skip those caffeine jitters and go right to a tall glass of cold water?

When asked why most people don’t drink more water, taste is often the first response. Tap water quality varies greatly from area to area but across the board clear, clean filtered water cannot be beat. Municipal water filtration does some good, but still can contain dangerous contaminants. Water filtration like Colorado Springs Water Delivery filtration systems remove more of these containants than any other purification method. Drinking filtered water offers a pure taste without the environmental issues of bottled water and is far more economical. Once considered a luxury item, clean, refreshing filtered water costs little more than consuming unfiltered tap. Especially now with Clearly Colorado’s Price for Life Guarantee!