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Water Filtration Pitchers

Most homeowners and apartment dwellers are familiar with water pitchers that contain a carbon filter. This can be an economical option for people who drink a lot of tap water and don’t want to add more plastic water bottles to our landfills.

Unfortunately, a single stage carbon filter doesn’t always improve the taste and purity of municipal tap water enough, at least not enough to produce great tasting H20. Because they must balance the need for filtration with a compact container and adequate filtering speed, most of these pitchers leave a lot to be desired. That said, the Zerowater pitcher performs well compared to traditional pitcher systems.

Countertop filtration systems

One of the best options currently available to homeowners is the reverse osmosis system. It is notorious for wasting a lot of water in the filtration process, but there are still some other options that work well. One of these is the Brondell Cypress Countertop Water Filtration System. Its three-stage process uses three separate filters within a sleek, low-profile design that connects directly to the kitchen faucet. The unit is easy to install and filtration is impressively fast. In fact, the filtered water is dispensed instantaneously at the touch of a button, without wasting any water in the process. Most consumers will find this to be a suitable upgrade from a single-filter pitcher.

If your family takes water filtration too seriously to settle for a 3-stage system, then the New Wave Enviro 10 State Water Filter System might be the optimal solution. Its compact vertical design packs 10 separate filtering membranes inside, with the power to purify the water for a family of four for up to a year. This powerful system removes major contaminants to below EPA standards and it costs less than $100.

Another notable filtration system, the Chemex coffee brewing system, utilizes plant-based filters made from Malaysian coconut shell carbon, as well as four layers of fine silk, all within a plant-based casing. This eco-friendly filter lasts 60 days but it requires enrollment in an automatic filter replacement subscription.

Built-in filtering water bottles

One of the more common sights at health clubs these days is the KOR NAVA, a specially designed water bottle that hides the water filter within a streamlined water bottle. The filter is hidden within the pop-top straw, making filling up and sipping convenient wherever tap water can be found. This portable BPA-free plastic bottle utilizes an active carbon-coconut fiber filter that removes chlorine taste and odor, thereby offering active individuals an economic argument for ditching bottled water. While a single filter solution won’t be nearly as effective as a multi-filter system, the water quality of the KOR NAVA is equivalent to a Brita or PUR pitcher on the go.