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Drinking Purified Water: When Your Body Is ⅔ Water, What Is (And Isn’t) In Your Drinking Water Matters

Drinking purified water can make your life better. That shouldn’t be a surprise. When two-thirds of your body is water, the quality of the H2O you drink and the contaminants and pollutants you avoid by drinking purified water play an oversized role in your overall health.

Residents of Colorado who make drinking ample amounts of purified water part of their lifestyle and who provide the same to their families are protecting themselves from harmful substances and reaping the benefits of water in its absolute purest, most refreshing form.

For business owners, keeping a steady, reliable source of purified water in their Colorado offices and facilities can improve worker health, happiness, and productivity. Staying hydrated during a hectic day can be a challenge, so, using a bottled water delivery service proves to be one of the easiest ways to ensure that your workforce has ready access to purified drinking whenever they need it.

Here are four things everybody ought to know about drinking purified water.

What Does it Mean to Drink Purified Water?

The water that flows from the tap takes a long journey to get there. Along the way, that water contains and picks up unwanted and potentially harmful contaminants, bacteria, and solids.

Purified water gets rid of all of these impurities while retaining all of the good minerals our bodies need. At Clearly Colorado, we purify our drinking water by processing it through filtration and bottling facilities that meet or exceed all federal and state health standards. We subject our purified and oxygenated drinking water to rigorous testing and abide by the International Bottled Water Association’s rules and regulations. We monitor the purity of our water each day and have regular FDA inspections and testing. Our clients can be confident that the purified drinking water they get from us is the cleanest and freshest water available in Colorado.

Purified Water Is Chlorine-Free

Chlorine does a great job of keeping the water in swimming pools clean. But that doesn’t mean you want to be drinking it. Unfortunately, most water systems use chlorine to clean up their drinking water. Chlorine can make water bitter and smell a bit funky, and consuming a lot of this disinfectant doesn’t do a human body good. Drinking purified water can keep the chlorine out of your glass and keep it in the pool where it belongs.

Drinking Purified Water Keeps Lead Out of Your Body

Lead is a toxic metal that can harm human health even at low exposure levels, and it can bioaccumulate in the body over time leading to a range of adverse health effects. Young children and babies are particularly prone to developmental difficulties caused by lead consumption and exposure.

Unfortunately, the pipes in many older water systems contain lead, which means the water that flows through those pipes also can contain lead. The risk of lead in your water is especially the case in areas with high acidity or low mineral content in the water, as that corrodes pipes and fixtures.

However, purified drinking water removes 99.9 percent of all lead content, keeping this toxin from reaching your lips.

Amount of Purified Water You Should Aim to Drink Each Day

Men need approximately 125 ounces of water each day, while women should aim for 91 ounces. Each person is different, however, and your age, weight, activity level, and physical condition all play a role in how much water you should be drinking. You can calculate exactly how much water your particular body needs with this handy calculator.

Businesses can keep their workforce hydrated by purchasing or renting a bottled water cooler from an experienced, local, and committed Colorado Springs water delivery service.

Clearly Colorado: Delivering the Purest Water on the Front Range

At Clearly Colorado, we know how critical hydration is for Colorado workers, and we understand that hydration can help workers sleep better so they can be more productive and engaged. We are committed to delivering the purest, highest quality water available on the Front Range. The locally owned and family managed staff of Clearly Colorado are passionate about customer service and have a well-earned reputation for dependability, consistency, and trustworthiness.

To find out more about how we can help you help your workforce stay healthy, hydrated, and well-rested, please contact us for a free quote.

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