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The Perfect RO Filter for Your Home

The Evolution Reverse Osmosis System is a newly patented RO technology perfectly suited for under your sink. This tankless RO (reverse osmosis) system offers on-demand, continuous flow pure drinking water with no storage tank to fill. The reverse osmosis unit only runs when crisp, fresh water is required. With a patented high production, low energy membrane that can easily purify between 700 to 1,500 gallons of water every day. It can easily handle 42 gallons of water an hour! The range is dependent on your local water conditions, but the Evolution-RO1000 offers over 50 times the output of typical home reverse osmosis offerings.

These amazing reverse osmosis systems for the home use two reverse osmosis membrane elements in series to allow for a high flow of permeate. The concentrate from one reverse osmosis element is channeled into an inlet at the second reverse osmosis element and stops the flow of water coming in when the system is not in use. The Evolution-RO1000 was engineered with the fewest number of connection points, which greatly reduces the chance of leaks or water seepage. What you get with this cutting edge technology is commercial water production at the reasonable pricing of a residential reverse osmosis system!

The Evolution-RO1000 is the most evolved of the reverse osmosis systems for the home you can find. With a 2:1 waste to pure, delicious drinking water ratio it saves more water and has the highest flow rates from such an incredibly efficient system. Detailed instructions and an easy quick start guide makes home set up a breeze. If you have been searching for a safe, reliable, hassle free solution to your drinking, cooking and ice needs a reverse osmosis system like this is perfect for you and your family. Easy to set up, simple to use and highly efficient you’ll quickly wonder how you ever lived without this amazing technology under your sink!

Worried About Your Toxic Tap Water?

There are plenty of detox diets & cleanses that can help purify your system after long exposure to potentially toxic substances found in tap water. 

An excellent way to help purify the body is to add chia seeds into your diet. Chia are an antioxidant rich powerhouse. A favorite way to eat (or rather drink) them is by soaking them in juice or water until they form a gelatin consistency. This recipe from mamanatural.com is delightful and a great energy boost mid day.

Remember to ALWAYS use purified water when you are doing a detox or cleanse. Some cleanses will also recommend distilled water but you are missing out on essential minerals that help promote health. Purified water is the way to go and what better way than right from your own faucet?

Get a RO system installed today and enjoy great health and more energy.