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Let’s Chat About Chatting and Socializing in the Office

Rather than being a distraction that keeps workers from doing their jobs, socializing in the office is an indispensable element of positive employee morale and increased productivity. Coworkers who spend (some, but not all of) their time interacting, chatting, sharing, laughing, and getting to know each other beyond their job descriptions are more likely to stay at a Colorado company and work harder because of the joy and connection that such interactions bring.

No place in the office plays a bigger role in socializing than the breakroom, presuming that it’s not a sad, barren wasteland of bitter coffee, stale water, and bad lighting. But a vibrant space that attracts employees with quality products and amenities that they have come to expect can turbocharge office cohesion and camaraderie, reaping a multitude of benefits for employers and employees alike.

Here are four reasons why Colorado companies should support, rather than put a damper on, socializing at the office.

Sharing Institutional Knowledge When Socializing in the Office

Your company may have the finest employee handbook in the world. You may have a consistent internal communications program that keeps your workforce informed and up to date about the latest policies, practices, and issues. But not everything that makes your company work makes its way onto pieces of paper.

When employees socialize, they don’t just talk about the latest Tejon or LoDo restaurant they went to or the fortunes of the Broncos or Rockies. They discuss projects they’re working on, exchange perspectives about new developments, and learn about other aspects of the business beyond their department or job responsibilities. This sharing of institutional knowledge among employees acts as an organic continuing education program that can help workers increase their understanding of their roles and the business overall.

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Onboarding and Integrating New Employees

Anyone who has ever started a new job knows the feeling. You’re shown to your new workspace, given the instructions to set up all your IT needs, and wished all the best. But you won’t really feel comfortable and at home until you start meeting your coworkers.

Socializing in the office with new employees who enter a busy and hectic work environment is a great way to acclimate them to their new surroundings, help them feel welcome, and fill in the blanks about how things work around the office. When they reach out to newcomers, current employees become adjuncts to the onboarding process by serving as resources when new hires have questions or need guidance.

Promoting Teamwork

Socializing in the office also builds team cohesion and strengthens trust between colleagues. Teams that work seamlessly together do so because they communicate with each other regularly, feel comfortable asking questions or providing advice, and understand what makes their fellow teammates tick. Socializing promotes team spirit and bonding. It provides opportunities for positive reinforcement, support, and encouragement. Members of a close-knit Colorado team share in their collective accomplishments and develop a strong sense of pride in their work and their coworkers.

Socializing in the Office Meets a Basic Human Need

Human beings need connection. But the connection that comes from emails and Slack messages or through a videoconference or Zoom meeting just doesn’t cut it. There’s simply no substitute for real, in-person, three-dimensional interaction. Shooting the breeze with colleagues, grabbing a cup of coffee or a glass of water in the breakroom, saying hello as you pass each other in the hallway – all of these moments make the workday more pleasant and bring workers a sense of belonging. Socializing in the office simply makes life better for everyone.

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